Soom Teenie Gem and Monthly Doll Discussion Part 14

Jun 10, 2016

    1. According to a list of dolls Soom will bring to a Korean convention, here will be a (possibly human only?) Serin & Rico re-release soon!

      EDIT: Oh, nevermind - I just realized they will be Little Gems... :(
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    2. Hi. Is anyone planning on ordering Lucky/Happy? Im thinking of ordering the white skin version blank. I just love the cute winky face he comes with and the V hands.
    3. OMG! i just saw it.. ; A; I WANT... fantasy parts and hands~ I love Lucky..
    4. Yeah I love Lucky too! So super cute. I don’t know if I’ll make Lucky a boy or a girl though yet.
    5. If anyone does a split in white skin im down for winky face if anything~ I might wait and see if i can find a split.. if not might just order on layaway.
    6. Well I hope you find one. I thought about finding a split myself but I feel like an order to get all the parts I want I would be better off buying the whole doll myself. Plus I decided I love the whole doll and would want both heads and fantasy parts.
    7. My first Soom arrived today. I absolutely adore her, and have no doubt I'll be spoiling her rotten in the future.
    8. Congrats! Which doll did you get? I would love to see pics of your new girl if you take any. I love seeing everyone’s teenies.
    9. @Yurikun Thanks! She's Viol from the latest release. I'm actually surprised at how quickly she came, just a little over 2 months! (Hopefully the picture isn't too big!)
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    10. Awww she is really cute. I love her little face. That’s awesome to hear then maybe my Lucky will be home in a couple of months too.
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    11. so i bought Lucky blue skin instead
    12. Dollie is coming together

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    13. Very cute @Tehkiwi106 :)

      I miss playing with my babies. I meant to do some photoshoots this summer, but ended up being so much busier than I thought I'd be. And it's been a lot hotter too, which meant I didn't feel like I wanted to drag my Littles outside in the heat for photos. Now I'm three days away from going back to work. :( I suppose that's what I get for procrastinating so long...
      Maybe sometime this fall I'll do a short photoshoot on the weekend.
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    14. So cute!! :)

      I really need to take photos of my babies... It's been far too long.
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    15. i'm hoping over labor day i can get my girls together to take photos
    16. Thank you!
      I think this will happen soon!

      We will wait for your photos!
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    17. My Lucky/Happy shipped yesterday. I hope she will be here by Monday. I’m really excited to see her soon! :) I can’t wait!
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