Soom Teenie Gem and Monthly Doll Discussion Part 14

Jun 10, 2016

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      i've very excited to see yours! I got a different yosd from a different comp since i got my blue skin lucky.
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      my girls
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    3. Hey ^^ so I've been out of the bjd loop for a few years and yesterday something just clicked! I had some dolls out and it felt great. As it's been 4 years that I've had soom silky in a box, no faceup, not even strung together I decided today was the day!
      [​IMG]20181118_204855 by Kirsty Hawkett, on Flickr
      This is Lasciel.. She has horns but I'm still deciding if I even like them O.o I know her faceup is a lil rubbish, but I was never that great and its been a while xD
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    4. @Mushoom that's awesome! :dance I am finally getting ready to finish my Soom Picro soon!

      (Your photo looks like it might be a little too big to show up properly - you might need to use a slightly smaller one)
    5. Picro is such a cute sculpt! I love my Bijoux (Sammi) so much <3 Cant wait to see your finished Picro :)

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    6. I love Bijoux's spots so much! :D I'm hoping that my plan to airbrush scale shapes works out OK! :eusa_pray He's supposed to be a seahorse (he's hybrid-ed on a centaur body :3), so I got some nail art mermaid scale stencils that I'm going to use. :) I still have to dye him yet; and I'm a little scared to start, since I'll need to match a yellowed WS to his blue, and I've only ever dyed something to be jet black, so matching pastel colors is going to be hard! :shudder
    7. That sounds amazing thou :o I'm sure it will look great :D I knew I wasnt good enough to do Bijoux faceup and stuff so I asked my friend and I basically photoshopped what I wanted xD She's 1 of my fav, but shh dont tell the others lol

      Edit - Thought I'd add a pic of them all, just to prove that I love them all the same... kinda xD
      [​IMG]20181119_172425 by Kirsty Hawkett, on Flickr
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    8. group photos are so nice ^__^
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    9. Thanks ^^ I still need to faceup/blush my werewolf puppy girl, who still has no name, but if I get some non rainy days and time, hopefully this with be corrected.. . I'm hoping when she has a face a name will become clear...
    10. Took my girls to a doll meet. Fen-Fen was so cute!
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    11. I stopped following this discussion for quite a while, thinking maybe I was going to leave yo-sd's altogether and such, but I finally today decided no, Haldir is here to stay. He needs a faceup refresh for sure, but I still love him all the same.
      [​IMG]Haldir the rocker by Skyealloway, on Flickr
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    12. Hello all!! It's been quite a while since I posted here or even did anything with my dolls. And well over a year since I photographed them!! But recently I got myself something special that I've wanted for a really long time: a DSLR camera!! I also ordered a couple wigs, a pair of eyes, and some wig caps from Leekeworld for my dolls! I've been wanting to re-do Eleya (Soom Lilid)'s look for a little bit, but wasn't sure exactly how. I knew I wanted to go with something new and different, perhaps a pretty colored wig or something along those lines. When ordering a wig for a different doll, I saw a really cool art wig on Leekeworld's site and just had to have it!

      My Leeke order arrived today and I'm happy to report, the wig looks quite adorable on Eleya and the eyes I ordered with it are perfect for her as well!! So today I took the first BJD photos with my new DSLR camera! Hopefully I will have time to do this again at some point!

      Here's Eleya's new look with her new wig and new eyes:

      My little cotton candy princess! :D
      Wig: Leekeworld Art Wig W137
      Eyes: Leekeworld 14mm LGN-005
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    13. Thank you!! :) I totally fell in love with the wig and decided it was worth a gamble, even though I knew it might look different than the promo pictures. It does a bit, but I still love it! :aheartbea The eyes were sorta a gamble too. I thought I might use them for my mermaid girl Aria, but I liked the eyes she currently has better. ;) Which, funnily enough, were Eleya's old eyes. :lol:

      It's nice to enjoy my dolls again. :) I've been so busy with life and work for a while... it's been tough to feel like getting them out. Hopefully I won't leave them boxed up for so long again.:sweat
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    14. Yeah, I've also had all my Soom babies in their case for a while now, and I'm up to a pretty big number of them, so getting them out for photos is really daunting. :sweat Also my camera has recently mostly died! :XD: It works, but it needs to be plugged in in order to work at all, so I can't take them outside for cute shoots or anything. :3

      I've been starting to look into a DSLR as well, but shopping for those is daunting too! :O So many varieties and options!
    15. I only have eight and it is still pretty daunting! :P So I totally understand!
      That sucks about your camera!!

      I got a Nikon D3500, which is a more entry level DSLR, but still a pretty good quality camera! :) I still have A LOT to learn about it though. :sweat
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    16. That's the one I was thinking of as well! :D That sounds like a good one for me to aim for when I start looking to get one in earnest. :)
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    17. I do love it so far! :) And there's tons of videos and tutorials on YouTube! I got a bundle with a bunch of accessories for a pretty good deal. :)
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    18. When taking photos of the new wig, I couldn't resist taking some of my girl Aria! :D She now gets to keep the wig she was borrowing from Luna (my Bygg) and the eyes she was borrowing from Eleya (Lilid). :)

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