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Soom Teenie Gem and Monthly Doll Discussion Part 14

Jun 10, 2016

    1. Not yet. As you can probably tell from my signature I'm really slow with names haha.
    2. @NoDivision I can be the same way with certain dolls I have, I changed their name multiple times.

      Also, I would like to share my teenies! They're finally all dressed up and looking super cute. Raine is the gray hair one and Anri is pink. I just adore their little fangs. :aheartbea

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    3. Thank you! That photo was actually an older photo of her from the day she arrived home! :) Here's a newer photo from her latest photoshoot (which was actually 7 months ago... I haven't taken any doll photos lately for personal reasons, but I do need to take some when I get back from my Florida vacation!)


      ETA: Your little ones are so cute! ^_^
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    4. The wig I commissioned from Frappzilla arrived a couple weeks back. I think it really completes my Cheshire's look.
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    5. Thanks so much. I'm really pleased with her.
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    7. goocool2, wow! Your Feny super cute!
    8. That wig is so perfect for Cheshire. And I just adore your witchy Feny, goocool2. I really want a Feny but I'm holding out hope for a free choice event where I could get her in tan.
    9. I took some long overdue photos of Laurel & Wren out at my Aunt's house (where we're sort-of living for the time being) yesterday! :)

      I'm still going through them and editing and whatnot, but I wanted to get one uploaded and shared with you guys because I'm pretty excited about it! I don't have opportunity to take a lot of outdoor photos of my dolls, but the landscaping around my Aunt's house is gorgeous and yesterday was a nice cooler day, so I took advantage! ;)

      Here's Laurel enjoying some nice weather and a lovely view!

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    10. That's better! My little bluebird's actual wig came in today. Now we just need to work on faceup.

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    11. Oh she's gorgeous, @NoDivision!! :D What a lovely little girl! Her wig is perfect and I adore her dress! :) Such a stunning little bird! <3
    12. She's so beautiful! I love this girl.

      How cute! That wig is really pretty.
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    13. Ahhhh, I got pictures back from the artist who's working on Vesta's hooves/tail and Cosette's heads and they pretty close to being finished. All of the parts are looking super adorable and I can't wait to have them all home and complete! <3

      I'm also finally going to post Cosette's box opening once she's all back in one piece so I can show pictures of her blank as well a painted. :)
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    14. Wow, I am waiting for Cosettes's pictures. Even blank I think Cosettes are one of the beautiful soom mold!
    15. Hello fellow Teenie Gem owners. :daisy

      I wanted to see if anyone here happens to know how Soom resin takes dye? I know each company's resin reacts to dye a little differently. I ask because I've been neglecting my poor Pyrol for far too long, and in hopes of bonding with him again I'd like to dye his unicenta half a darker color (using iDye Poly).

      Any insight would be greatly appreciated! <3

      PS: Can I also request spam of Teenie Gems w/ fantasy parts?
    16. I think Mayday dyed a TG and it looked great! Just be sure to use either I-dye Poly or Rit Dye-More as they are designed for made made types of fibers and take to resin better than regular Rit.
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    17. Happy to oblige! :)


      Still working on going through and editing the photos from this photoshoot... but I've had so much to do lately that it keeps getting put on the back-burner. But I'm going to try not to put it off forever!
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    18. Awesome! Thank you so much! I'll have to check out Mayday's Teenie Gem. :D

      What a cutie! Thank you! <3 Looks like a lazy summer day. :) Now I want to go outside and take a nap or something. :XD:
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    19. Hehe! Definitely! :) It was a very nice day when I took those photos! ^_^ Thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed the photo!