Soom Teenie Gem and Monthly Doll Discussion Part 14

Jun 10, 2016

    1. It seems like Soom is going to be releasing Glot & Glati again this month. They posted a picture of the pair on their Instagram page a few days ago. I really like the grey resin and the fantasy parts this pair comes with. Anyone else tempted?
    2. Ooooh! Interesting!! :) Part of me wants to be interested in the gray version, but I am looking for a little dragon, not a hooved baby. So I'll probably be safe. ;)
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    3. Ugh I am always tempted lol! :XD: I have basically shelled all of my characters who were meant to be Soom babies, so I think I'll be safe in the end, though I will definitely drool a lot! :D
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    4. Oh, so much want for that surprise head! It’s so cute. But I’m waiting on a minifee so I must be responsible. But I sure don’t want to be!
    5. I really love the surprise head too. I thought I’d be more interested in the romantic one when they were first announced. I’m not quite sure if I should dip into my Dollfie Dream fund and pull the trigger or not but I have time to decide.
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    6. Quick phone photo of my Baby Isha, who just returned from a very, very long trip for a faceup. The wig is borrowed from my Lami, and he needs a smaller pair of eyes, but I'm very happy to have him back.

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    7. Aww, so cute! I love the eye make-up. Cool tones can easily become overwhelming in a face-up but that touch of purple is nice and subtle. What artist did you commission?
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    8. The artist used to be a member of my local doll community, but she doesn't take commissions any more and hasn't for a couple of years now. Mine was a leftover commission from her last round of slots, and I ended up waiting a very long time for it. Luckily I'm really happy with how he turned out!
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    9. I've decided to kick my butt into gear and I am going to restring my girl! The only problem...umm what size should I get? XD;;
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    10. I might change Lucky's hair color.
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    11. Hi! We came to meet.
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    12. Ahhh so cute! :D I love the wig! <3
    13. Very cute. What sculpt is he?
    14. Garnet has a new dress. I found it on Etsy and fell in love with the fabric - but I'm not crazy about the collar, so I may change that at some point.


      Garnet is cobbled together from leftover pieces. Some red brick, some natural skin, some white skin, and a pair of Feny tan hands that I blushed to more or less match her face. I also blushed her neck - the Feny tan is easier to get to something approaching the right shade than the NS of her neck. (I didn't blush the rest, so she is a bit limited in the type of dress she can wear, poor thing!)
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    15. I just received an old gal from the MP, a little frankendollie. Her name is Morgan, and she's a Soom Beyla OE head, on a Glot torso with Eliv arms, and a Peapod Doll tail. Took a bit to get her clean, and she's still blank for now.

      Here's a picture of little Morgan. I'm hoping to paint her this weekend, or at least her face up.

      I own one other Soom Teenie Gem hybrid, a Soom Beyla R. head with horn on a LTF body with Daisy Dayes hooves. Need to get some new pics of her too!
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    16. Congrats on your new little mermaid :chibi
    17. @IzabethS - congratulations on your little frankendolly... I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with her.

      I have two hybrids now. One is Garnet, the other is a Soom Beyla (with horn) in WS on the lower part of an NS Andes deertaur body. I should really take some pictures of her, she's adorable.

      I used the Beyla WS legs and the Andes NS upper torso for Garnet - along with the Feny tan hands. Maybe one day Soom will do a free choice event again and I could get my hands on a Feny tan body - I think that would suit her better.
    18. Thank you!! I managed to crank out her face up yesterday. I'm glueing the eyelashes in place right now XD
      Definitely would love to see your little hybrids! I have quite a few hybrid dolls, though they're all OT for this thread. I definitely enjoy hobbling together dolls out of different parts to get what I want!