Soom Teenie Gem and Monthly Doll Discussion Part 14

Jun 10, 2016

    1. I'm so glad I can finally join this thread, as I just purchased an adorable little Bygg full set from the marketplace!! :D I'm so excited, and already impatient, for my little cutie to arrive!! And I would love any spam of anyone else's precious littles to help hold me over while I wait!!:XD:
    2. Congratulations! Bygg is super cute in grey resin! I own two Beyla heads myself, a human and a unicorn one, but neither are on the company intended body XD

      Here’s a picture of Winter, my unicorn version Beyla.
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    3. Winter is so gorgeous @IzabethS !! :D The snowflake on her forehead is simply lovely!! Such a beautiful little unicorn you have~

      I got notified today that my Bygg has finally been shipped out, so I hopefully shouldn't have to wait too much longer!! :dance
    4. Thanks @Kaji_Ryuu, and congrats on the shipping notice! I managed to paint my new (to me) Beyla hybrid named Morgan yesterday. Her face up was done on Thursday and I blushed her body yesterday.

      I really like how she turned out!
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    5. @IzabethS - she turned out so pretty!!

      And Winter is gorgeous, too.
    6. Thank you @Fairy Milliner! I own one more Soom, a FC Chrom, and he's my only full Soom doll. I love my new girl though, I might be her 4th owner.
    7. opps sorry wrong post! But I am getting a harpy baby soon(forgot his mold name sorry!)
    8. @elfy016, congratulations on expecting your new soomling. I have a baby birdy/harpy/gargoyle currently on layaway here in the marketplace and I’m so excited about it too! There are so many possibilities for character and style with this body sculpt.:) I have so many decisions to make prior to his/her arrival and am a little overwhelmed with the endless possibilities! Can anyone show us a little winged love for inspiration?
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    9. She's a work in progress, but maybe my little Hypatia will give you some inspiration(I wasn't going to post photos of her yet, but I'm so happy with her new eyes)!
      [​IMG]Hypatia wip by Carolyn Wilson, on Flickr
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    10. @elfy016 Wow, her eyes look perfect for her! :D that's a really great choice.
    11. Thank you! I saw a thread about metalic eyes and I realized they'd give her the perfect bird of prey look.
    12. Thank you so much for sharing her with us! Those metallic eyes do give her a very bird of prey look. What a fascinating idea!:)
    13. Did you guys see the new banners for their newest Teenie Gem release? Opel and Lier, tiny moth babies!! :D
    14. No but now I'll have to look!
    15. Oh, my gosh! That purple one!!! So CUTE!!!
    16. They are super cute! Good thing I don't have any little fairy/moth children to shell or I'd be in trouble...
    17. Where can I find the banner? (Sorry if that's a dumb question - I only have second-hand TGs, so I've never really looked at 'new' ones!)
    18. They are really cute ... I am pretty sure I have no means in even trying to resist.

      Also @Fairy Milliner here is the link to their new web page. The banner is on the site you may swipe to it tho ...
      HOME - The Gem
    19. Oh, they’re up! Look at those little moth feet! So cute.