Soom Teenie Gem and Monthly Doll Discussion Part 14

Jun 10, 2016

    1. You have to be careful with hybriding Sooms though. If you’re REALLY particular about resin matching it may be difficult, because I feel like their colored resin batches all end up slightly different. For instance I now have multiple dolls in their gray resin but each has a different color in their undertone.
    2. Yes, I'd rather not do a hybrid because of resin matching, so I'm not quite sure where to go from here!
    3. Well, you could wait and see if they offer a Full Choice event in the future that includes tan resin and Han/Asronn parts (I will mention that in past events, you have to order a resin/part combo that hasn’t had an official release, so that could complicate it).

      You could also try to get one in cream white and hand dye it. I would not recommend this unless you have a lot of patience and someone who has done it before to help you.

      Seeing as how this sculpt was released in Tawny not that long ago, I would post a Want to Buy thread in the marketplace and keep an eye out for someone selling it secondhand. You might be waiting for a while but most sculpts get listed eventually.

      Out of curiosity, have you seen the Feny/Necy sculpt? They’re supposed to be foxes, and they turn up on the marketplace more often (although tan is still rare.)
    4. Thanks for the input! I think I could go for a CW one, but that face I just cannot get on board with, that's the trouble.. oh well, I'll have to see what happens in the future.

      Yes, I know of Feny/Necy, they are just waay too cutesy for what I have in mind. Thanks anyway though!
    5. After I paid for a grail of mine a couple days ago, I said "that's it, no more dolls until social isolation is over"

      Then Soom did a rerelease of Picro that looks virtually identical to the original. That promise lasted all of one day....
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    6. I really want to get the blue version myself. I haven’t totally decided yet but I will probably cave and order her.
    7. Yeah... my wife and I are sorely tempted by the Picro as well, but in CW. She's thinking of turning her into a character of hers. I'm all for it, but we gotta wait until we get paid again.
    8. Im kinda tempted, I already have two dolls on layaway with them but I have until May 11th to make my decision. If I do decide to order one I’ll get one in the blue skin I am a sucker for fantasy skin color.
    9. I too am tempted by the blue! I wish they’d used the transparent resin for the feet and hands like they did in the original release but I’ll take it.
    10. I’m not familiar with the original release but transparent parts would look really nice with the blue skin.

      Edit: so I went to check out the original release and it would have been nice if the fins were transparent and I like the face up better than the current one. I’m really tempted! :XD:
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    11. Hi. I was wondering did anyone here order the Bygg/ Beyla doll in light violet. If you did have you received him/ her yet, I would love to see pics. I would love to see what the color looks like this year.
    12. I also wish they had used translucent resin for the hands and feet, but I'll have to think on whether or not it is enough to deter me, hmm.
    13. I ordered the Trachy/Lami in light violet they released in February, but it hasn’t shipped yet. I imagine it’ll use the same (or very close) resin batch though.
    14. Hi, My Bygg/ Beyla in light violet shipped a couple of days ago. So she is on a plane on her way home. I can’t wait to see her in person..I just wanted to share my excitement!
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    15. I hope she arrives quickly!
    16. Thank you. I hope she does too.
    17. I just adopted a sweet little friend for my Glati/Yrie...this time it’s a Teenie Gem Taco in snow blue skin (although it’s more of a pale aqua after so many years.) I was so happy to find her here in our marketplace. As a little dragon, I chose the very appropriate name, Jewell.:) She still has her original company face-up and body blushing. And I was delighted that she actually came with this delightfully “messy” wig, which is a great compliment to Birdie’s messy wig...because the two of them are rather scruffy little girls who enjoy spending their days rumaging through antique quilts in an attic.

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    18. Her little dress is adorable
    19. @PoeticSoul She is so beautiful and cute. I love her little feet.
    20. @skyealloway, Thank you! I made a wardrobe of 5 of these little dresses from antique, worn, cutter quilts for my Glati/Yrie “Birdie” to fit in with her quilt loving persona, so now they can be shared with her new friend Jewell.:)

      @brightberry, thanks so much! I was looking for a little Teenie Gem friend for my dear little Birdie, and was so happy to stumble across her here in the marketplace. For being made in 2010, she’s still in great condition and her company face-up and body blushing has held up wonderfully. You certainly have to be impressed with Soom’s quality.;)
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