Soom Teenie Gem and Monthly Doll Discussion Part 14

Jun 10, 2016

    1. All of my teenies have fantasy parts, that's the best thing about them in my opinion :) Here's the only one whose parts I've managed to blush (though it's pretty subtle in photos) Juniper, who is a yrie/hati hybrid. She's my little lioness - she just needs some appropriate ears.

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    2. She's adorable, NoDivision! :) Yrie & Hati are two of my favorite sculpts! ;)
    3. I love your Yrie NoDivision. Her face up and blushing is amazing!
    4. Thanks <3 Her faceup was done by jointedlove - she always does such an awesome job.
    5. @NoDivision Juniper is super cute! Love her face up! Where did you get her dress? I actually have a similar ones in white and light blue.

      Here is Raine and Anri in their flower dresses. :D

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    6. Same seller - kuloft. I have a pastel one as well on another of my girls. I'm sad that she doesn't seem to make dresses in YoSD sizes anymore. I really wanted to have a set of 4 teenies to be the 4 seasons and have them all in similar dresses. But I still need an autumn and possibly a different doll to be my winter. And I don't think I'll be able to get dresses for them :(
    7. Welp, I'm hoping to dye my Pyrol's centaur parts today or tomorrow. I think I'm actually more nervous about restringing him properly then the dye process, itself. :sweat

      Anyway, I'll share a photo once he's back together. Hopefully his dip in the dye bath goes well.

      ETA: Dye job was successful!!! :love

      Your Juniper is positively stunning! :love I love her sweet face, and her paws are stinkin' cute, too!

      What beautiful girls! :daisy
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    8. Sorry to double-post, but I wanted to share my Soom Pyrol's custom dye job with fellow Teenie Gem owners:


      If you're interested in the process I used to dye him, here's a link to his project journal. :daisy Apologizes for his blank face---I still need to give him a face-up, as well as style his wig, make his clothes, etc. I've always wanted his ponybutt to be black but was too afraid to customize him until recently. :sweat

      But I'm happy to report we truly bonded over a pot of boiling water!
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    9. Wow! You did a great job @PeppermintPocky! It looks like it was always that color. :P

      I definitely can understand the fear behind dying one of your babies (I doubt I'll ever attempt it), but sometimes it can be truly worth it! In your case, it definitely was. :)
    10. @PeppermintPocky That is a fantastic dye job! And it gives me hope for any future Teenie Gems I might obtain - I have plans that include odd colors so knowing I have the option to dye is a huge plus!

      *goes back to lurking until the money tree smacks me in the face*
    11. Thank you! :daisy And yes, lots of fear but by the end it also gave me a bit of a rush, heh. :XD:

      Thanks bunches!!! Yes, Soom's resin seemed to take the color beautifully, although there is some slight marbling near the seamlines. My centaur's seams arrived very jagged and uneven, unfortunately, so I can't say I'm surprised. :sweat

      When you get around to customizing your future Teenie Gems, I'd love to see them! I def' recommend iDye Poly---I didn't even need to use the "color intensifier" provided in the packet.

      What Teenie Gems are on your radar, if you don't mind my asking? ;)
    12. @PeppermintPocky Aww but that's to be expected whenever a surface isn't perfectly smooth. But from his pictures you can't tell at all!

      It'll probably be far off into the future before I get to customizing, let alone bring home one of these cuties - it's for a very large project I have in mind. I'm actually about ready to start the project journal (I'm gathering up some reference photos/sketches). :whee:

      I'm mostly interested in the fantasy option parts (for hybrids), but I have to admit there are a few that have caught my eye and would suit my characters: Han or Asronn (Coyote Elves), Viol or Ling (Leaves Elves), Gloti or Lati, and Aloa or Sov, Yrie...and maybe Beyla. I don't expect to get everyone of course, I just haven't narrowed down my choices yet! *chuckles* :blush
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    13. I had a question regarding the Beyla centaurs, anyone who has one, are they suppose to have elbow joint pieces?
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    15. Awwww! Any of those cuties would look lovely dyed, I'm sure! I'm particularly a sucker for Aloa and Sov. :D

      Your little lion prince is ADORABLE!! :love May I ask if you made his wig?! I love the curls!
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    17. Wow!! :love Beautiful!

      Thank you for the photos. :)
    18. Hello all! Just wanted to share with everyone a photo I took just a little while ago of my human Lilid in honor of her birthday today! I can't believe I've had her for a whole year already! :)

      Happy Birthday Eleya! :D

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    19. Awwww! I love her sweet face and pretty pink dress.

      Happy Birthday, Eleya! :smallcake
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    20. Thank you! :) The dress is by frezje on Etsy. ^_^