Soom Teenie Gem and Monthly Doll Discussion Part 14

Jun 10, 2016

    1. Gave my Orion (Soom Pyrol) a face-up:


      I still need to make his clothes then style his wig. At least he has a face and his proper tail now! <3
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    2. Aaaaah @PeppermintPocky I love his color scheme!! :D What did you use to paint his body? I was thinking about painting my Bygg centaur to have a black body at some point, but I wasn't sure which would be the best way for me. :)
    3. Thank you so much, @AirimirOfGondor! I'm thrilled you like him. :blush

      I dyed Orion's unicenta half using iDyePoly in Black. :thumbup It was my first time dyeing a doll and I was absolutely terrified to "test" the process with an LE, but by the end, the experience gave me a bit of a rush. :XD: I submerged each piece (one by one) in the dye bath for three minutes, then dipped them a second time for another one and a half minutes.

      I would love to see your Bygg centaur! Do you have any photos of how s/he currently looks? Never enough centaurs around here, IMO. :daisy If you decide to dye your Bygg in the future and have questions, feel free to ask---I'm always happy to help!
    4. That is so sweet @PeppermintPocky, thank you~~ I'm actually in the process of compiling information about different dyes for resin, and iDyePoly does seem to be the best option for resin these days!

      This is what my Bygg looks like right now;

      I think I'll just be dying her horsey parts as well, I'm trying to give her a shadow-ninja-theme. :aninja:
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    5. Your Bygg is adorable! (Can I call a shadow ninja adorable? I'm going to say yes. :XD:) Thank you for sharing her.

      And yes, iDyePoly def' gets four hooves up from Orion, heh. :thumbup I'm going to try some of their other colors here soon and I'm hoping they offer similar results. :)
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    6. I'd love to see them as well! I have plans someday to have centaur bodies for the Picro and Viol that I have, and they will need to be died in blue and yellow-orange (whenever I get them). I know there's the large test thread for different dyes, so I know that iDyePoly's pink looks very good, but I haven't seen any other colors. :)
    7. Hey there :)
      I'm new but i would love to share my two sweetyhearts with you.
      They are my first Dolls, i get them 2nd Hand and i love them so much!

      SOOM's Feny & Nacy
      Last Week I did the new Face Ups, it was my 3rd try to do so.
      I'm proud of myself but know i have much to learn ;)
      Hope you guys like them <3

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    8. Soom has Teenie mermaids available now and I love them. I'm pretty sure my MSD Rico needs a little sister
    9. OMG they are so cute!
      But i'm not sure if i could decide wich one i would like to buy :(
    10. Ohh, they're so sweet! :D I'm so glad I never got in on a mermaid craze though! I wouldn't have been able to stop, and it would've turned out just like my centaur collection! :XD:
    11. I totally agree. They are both so sweet. I think I like the orange tail better so that might make me get the lighter version but I don't know!
    12. Jeah i like the Orange one too but i love the violet Skin so much Q o Q
      So i think if i really order one it would be the blue one ~
    13. Oh, such beautiful colors you have planned!! I haven't seen iDyePoly yellow or orange, but I have seen their turquoise (not their pure blue but close). Here's a thread for it in case you are interested. :daisy It's very vivid and lovely, IMO!!

      Your duo = adorable!! <3 I love the wig on the left one (I can't tell the difference between Feny and Nacy, sorry...). :XD:

      My wallet would be empty if it weren't already full of lint. :sweat I swear, I'm upset at myself enough for missing the 1/4 Serin and these? These are just... ugh. SO CUTE. :love

      I'd go for orange, just in hopes I could somehow snag a 1/4 Serin with an orange tail someday. Matching mermaids, FTW! :D
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    14. @PeppermintPocky Thanks :)
      The left one is Necy and the right one is Feny ;)
      Feny is the Male Body and Nacy the Female one.
      But I use both as Girls :P
      Actually they have new Wigs, since yesterday, but i don't get the chance to take Photos yet
    15. What is the head
      circumference of Serin and Rico Junior mermaid version? :)
    16. How cool! I hope they enjoy their new wigs! :) Thanks for clearing up the difference between Feny and Necy for me, too.

      I would guess around 6-7". I know my Soom Pyrol wears a 6-7" wig, but fits best in a 6-6.5" wig. Serin & Rico Jr. look like they may have slightly larger/wider heads compared to my boy, though.
    17. Thank you so much! :)
    18. @rikkedehli My Girls fit in 6-7 Inch
      With and without Head Cap
      But i think almost all Soom Teenies get a 6-7 Inch wig :)

      Haha jeah they do ~
      Now they looked more like twins then befor
    19. White skin... sighs,... I would love to buy Rico in normal skin. Then my Rico, named Nichan has a little sister as well.
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    20. Ohhhh crud.... I need a mermaid baby to be my half-mermaid demi-Goddess. And I've been wanting a light violet TG for a while! Purple is my favorite color, after all!

      I'm not really sure I am sold on the face... it's cute, don't get me wrong, but I'm not Soomed... and I hesitate to spend that kind of money on a doll mostly for the resin color and the fantasy parts... I'm not sure that I can justify it if I am not in love with the face sculpt. :sweat

      I might ask Soom if they have any photos of the sculpt without the face-up, so I can see what it looks like unpainted. Sometimes a different face-up can change a sculpt enough that I end up falling in love after all!

      Also, could I request some Light Violet resin spam, please? The more recent, the better. :)
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