Soom Teenie Gem and Monthly Doll Discussion Part 14

Jun 10, 2016

    1. @Kelaria I hope it turns out to be what you're looking for! :D
    2. Me too, @AirimirOfGondor! :) I've been waiting for the perfect sculpt for this doll since 2012.... :XD: I loved Taco/Dolomi, but they didn't have mermaid or fishy parts... Iv/Eliv had fishy parts, but the sculpt wasn't right and they didn't come in a blue or purple resin. Sammi & Picro were pretty darn close, but their fantasy parts weren't fishy enough (too gecko/lizard-ish).

      I will have to do some thinking, definitely! :)

      ETA: Re-stating my request for Light Violet spam since we're on a new page. ;) I'd love to see any Light Violet resin cuties out there please! <3
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    3. My Cheshire will gladly answer the light violet request. I hope the photo works. Photobucket has been weird lately.

      I am really sold on these new cuties. Just need to find the money!
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    4. x__x There's a lot of weird stuff with photos at the moment - Photobucket and a few other hosting sites aren't caching properly on the forums for some reason right now; the mod team is doing our best to figure it out though!

      But it is really annoying, especially if you are, for example, browsing through Photo Ref researching sculpts, like I was trying to do before I remembered! :XD:
    5. I would prefer NS to WS, too. You're certainly not alone there.

      Oh! Half-mermaid demi-Goddess sounds awesome! :XD:

      I feel you on the face(s). Honestly, my initial reaction to them was... huh?! But then I pictured the face blank and thought, "Hey, if I were lucky enough to snag one, I could sand down the cheeks a bit..."

      Then I was sold. :lol: Only a 0.09% chance I could afford one atm but I look forward to seeing others' baby mermaids when they arrive. <3
    6. Yeah, I noticed this! I thought it was just me, so I'm actually relieved to hear that it's something going on with the forum and certain photo hosting sites! I hope you're able to figure it out soon! :)

      Thanks @karleecakes! :) I was able to see your photo by clicking the reply button so it showed up in the text editor. ;)

      @PeppermintPocky, I had the same thought about sanding down the cheeks! :XD: My only fear would be that the sanding would discolor the resin because of the color (since I want the light violet). I don't know if seeing the sculpt without a face-up would change my feelings on the cheeks though. For me, it's the teeth that is the most unappealing thing about the sculpt. Don't get me wrong, sometimes teeth are adorable (my Bygg & Beyla girls have tiny teeth), but for some reason on this sculpt I just don't like it.

      Anyway... I posted on the Q&A and asked for more photos and (hopefully) blank photos without the face-up... I am not holding my breath though, because they don't always take photos before they do the face-up.

      As for affording them.... I'm a bad girl and I was thinking I'd do layaway on my Paypal credit. :XD: But I also have a back-up plan because my husband's Aunt has been paying us to house-sit for her and she's due to send us another payment soon, which should cover some of it at least! ;) Still have to make sure that I can justify this purchase though... it's a big purchase for us and is not to be taken lightly!
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    7. I only just bought Teenie Gem number 8 and I'm soomed again ToT/ my Serin is one of my favourite sculpts so this one just blew me away ....
    8. That's cool you had the same thought about their cheeks! :XD: I understand your hesitation when it comes to sanding violet skin, though... I'm guessing that would be very difficult. I hope Soom will respond and show you a blank version of the sculpt! I know I've been dreaming of Soom releasing a Teenie Gem with a mermaid tail since they teased me with their Eliv & Iv release, and that was right when I entered this hobby. :sweat

      Congrats on your Teenie Gem #8! :)
    9. Soom replied to my Q&A post!

      I wasn't really expecting them to be able to provide the photos I requested, but they did! I asked for a photo of the face sculpt without the face-up and they sent me this:


      I also asked for a photo of the doll without all the extra frills (outfit & such) and they sent this:


      At the risk of being extra demanding, I asked for photos of the Light Violet version.

      As for the head sculpt... I'm torn. I have a feeling those teeth would be fairly easy to sand down. The only question is if I would attempt it myself or if I would ask the face-up artist to do it. I'm just not sure if my face-up artist has the means to modify her. And the prospect makes me very nervous...

      That second photo they sent me is pretty darn cute though... she's growing on me, that's for sure! :)

      (ETA: If you're having trouble seeing the photos in my post, just hit the 'reply' button at the bottom right of this post and check the text box, they should show up in there.)
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    10. Thank you. I've become a little addicted to them now (it's my one day aim to some how have them all.....)

      @Kelaria thank you for sharing! If I wasn't sure before I definitely am now!! those cheeks just kill me
    11. I love them even more now. <3 Thanks for sharing!
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    12. I'm also in the 'not quite sold on the face' category. Cute but not really the look I'd want in a mermaid. I have been searching for the right mermaid for a while but I'm being picky.
    13. I love Soom so much... :) They are so awesome! <3

      They indulged me with my request for more photos of the light violet version:





      They also told me that the CW version is Serin and the LV version is Rico.

      I love how the tail is sparkly/shimmery! ^_^ I'm thinking I might just have to bring this gorgeous girl home with me... <3
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    14. @Kelaria, I'm sure a faceup could hide the teeth well enough, without the need to sand it. :)
    15. I was thinking the same thing, but the blank gray head photo made me wonder again. They are pretty prominent, more so than I initially thought.

      I do wonder though if the lighter resin color (the light violet) would make the teeth seem less prominent. That dark gray color is quite different than the light violet or the cream white.

      I won't say it's 100% yet, but I am pretty certain that I will be putting this girl on layaway. ;)
    16. My SOOM Feny & Necy Head has teeth too, but if you don't color them white, you don't see them ;)
    17. Weirdly enough, I like the teeth on Feny/Necy. :XD:

      @Syoko, I'd love to see a photo of your Feny/Necy if you don't mind. :) It's one of the sculpts that I love, but missed out on.
    18. That light violet resin looks phenomenal with that tail, oh my goodness. :love
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