ReRelease [SOOM] Teenie Gem Free Choice Event 2016

Dec 9, 2016

    1. Soom will be having a Free Choice event for Teenie Gems from Dec 14th to Dec 28th

      Choices available:

      Aloa & Sov - Wood Centaurs
      Carbon & Luxullia - Raucar of Destruction
      Smokey - Onocentaur
      Picro & Sammi -Elamanders
      Flint & Hawa Bunny Elves
      Bygg & Belya - Winged centaurs
      Smokey - Dear My Kitty!
      Rru - Mountain Elves

      Notice: The Gem > NOTICE

      Discussion: Soom Teenie Gem and Monthly Doll Discussion Part 14
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    2. The Notice link doesn't seem to be working for me today, so when was that sale again? (It's not working on the website either, for me at least). Cheryl
    3. Sale starts on the 14th :)
    4. Soom Feny and Necy have been added to this :D !!!
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