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Update SOOM the Gem Price Change

Jun 9, 2010

    1. It looks like SOOM is changing it's prices as well but they're going down possibly because they are taking away the freebies (default stuff).

      Starting June 11th 2010

      Super Gem Basic
      From $612 to $584

      Gem Basic
      From $500 to $472

      Teenie Gem Basic
      Was adjusted last year and isn't changing

      Mini Gem Basic
      From $280 to $230 (tan is going from $308 to $258)

      Link to Notice

      Please tell me if I am wrong in my understanding of the notice.
    2. They said something about changing items that came along with the dolls simultaneously, no? So with that price drop, they also compensate us for not sending wigs with some of their dolls anymore, for example. That's how I understood it.
      Please correct me if I'm mistaken.
    3. That's what I was trying to figure out - are they taking out the freebies all together?
    4. It sounds like its just the random wig that comes with the dolls for now, but has anyone asked in their Q&A forum?

      Because of the price drop, they may not do their xmas event anymore--where they sold the dolls at discounts because it was just a kit (the dolls are sent unstrung and without eyes or wigs)...
    5. Hello there!
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