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soom tiny MD hybrids?

Oct 9, 2009

    1. i was wondering if anyone had put another company's head on one of the soom tiny MDs.
    2. bumpu~~

      bump bump
    3. well, I didn't put another companies head on a soom body exactly, :sweat but I *did* put the soom "glot" fantasy parts on a 5stardoll. soom's cream white resin matches very closely to 5stardoll's white resin. I hope that maybe helps some how.:)

      and I hear rumors that AoD's white resin matches closely to soom's white as well..... don't quote me on that one though. I'm unsure about NS colors or tans though.
    4. I'm wondering about what body would match Afi's skin tone perfectly.
    5. My friend Kearsy has put a LTF head on a Soom body. Her beyla twins wanted LTF bodies, so when her DES came in, she switched the one beyla's body with the DES's. Now both beylas have LTF bodies and the DES has the Soom body and they look fantstic. I might have a picture of my DES next to my friend's DES/Soom hybrid.

      Here's a picture of her beyla twins on their LTF bodies:

      And here are our DESes; mine's on the right, hers is on the left:

      The body is taller and thinner than the LTF's, but it still looks great with the head.
    6. mizunotsubasa here is a Soom Afi hybrid; Afi head and fantasy parts with an older light tan Lady Saiyuki body

      This is what it says on her website:
      Chibi Doll Body:
      (Light tan no longer matches with Soom....only my older color light tan does, but the Grey and white are near perfect matches in color and in proportions)
    7. My hybrid girl is the opposite, but will add here too. She is Soom Appini head in Island Doll tiny body. Very good match in my opinion!

    8. Bumping this thread up... Are there any other tan bodies that might match up with soom Afi? I was happy for a while when i found out Lady Saiyuki doll bodies match up but then i saw her announcement that her latest resin color for tan doesn't match anymore..
    9. Since the resin seems to match for Fairyland Littlefees, I'm wondering if the Glot leg parts will fit on a Littlefee as well, which would be AMAZING.
    10. Bump! Any other bodies? What about Volks?