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Soom Trachi & Lami Discussion [April MDs]

Apr 6, 2011

    1. I like the look of the normal? skinned one. But the red one seems a bit...not to my taste. Still cute though. I'm hoping for a human head option.
    2. Okay!

      1) Red resin? Suddenly I wish I'd ordered a Taco so I could have red vs blue, ha! ;)
      3) Do you think there's an awesome reason the red'un's hiding his lower face?
      4) If they don't come hooved, there's just no justice. :)

    3. OMG - sooooo Soomed here. That red resin is super cool (perfect for a little devil), but I'm totally in love with the normal skin one. >_< I NEED $$$!! Argh!
    4. I agree about the normal skinned one. *3* He is just adorable! The red skin color is really interesting! It looks pretty.
    5. A hoof option would sell it for me! My Ai needs her devilish brother. =D
      Maybe there's little fangs that the red ones hiding there?
    6. Is anyone else tempted to do a child Hell-Boy mod on Trachy? I do like the unique color!
    7. ...I want daddy >.> Ahem. Super cute!
    8. Oh god, don't even say that. *pictures the super gem or mega gem daddy of these two and dies*
    9. OMG yes, I'm thinking Legend! These guys are pretty cute :)
    10. O.O ah crap, id be sold then.
    11. Well I must say they stick to the new theme really well ^_^ Now we got an Angel og Two demons! :3
      i like them but they are not a thing I must have x'D
    12. Oo they looked so adorable! I love the little lips!
    13. thank goodness i have no devil characters i would be in soooooo much trouble >.< they are so cute and i definitely can't wait to see more pictures but i think i'm safe from being soomed this time ^-^
    14. Sooooo cute~~~the normal skinned baby have a kissable lips~ Soom is always the first one to try new skin color! Great job!
    15. Oh the light one is just too cute! really really adorable! huh :D can't stop staring! this light and darkness theme is way too dangerous for me :D I love this concept! * (silently hoping for a hot/cute big demon boy). XD
    16. aw cute , i like more the NS.. but im for the daddy :XD:
    17. Maybe a tiny goatee hehehehhee

      You read my mind!

      The red is just SO red. almost glossy red. I suppose that's the wonders of Photoshop but it made me wonder for a second if he was dipped in paint :lol:
    18. The red resin looks very cool. The mini pitch forks and horns are so cute, pointy tails would just be :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea. I think they're adorable, but will have to pass. *can't buy anymore dolls this year unless I'm absolutely in love* Like everyone else, I can't wait to see their parents!
    19. Love the NS one, but they absolutely need a tail and hooves for "realism" :lol: