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SOOM updated 14mm/20mm !

Jun 29, 2005

    1. It is just let you know that SOOM updated 14mm/20mm.
      It is a little bit confusing about the dome type.
      but i'm interested in 20mm Soom Eyes for my Pepe.

      copy of 'SOOM News' text ;

      Hello BJD manias!!

      congrats us !!
      We updated 14/20mm size of SOOM eyes.

      the design and colors are as same as 16/20mm.
      I hope this is a good news for who have wanted those.

      [SOOM eyes prices]

      *single dome type---------------
      14mm - $30
      16mm - $32(comming soon)
      18mm - $34(comming soon)
      20mm - $36(comming soon)

      *double dome type-------------------
      16mm - $37
      18mm - $39
      20mm - $41

      wish all you happiness!

    2. I love Soom eyes !
      I only wish they would make 12mm for the Unoas
    3. 12mm would be nice. Maybe that will be next!