Soom Uyoo Posing Issues

Mar 20, 2006

    1. QUESTION for those of you with Uyoo: How is the posing ability on your doll? I'm having quite a time with mine. I tried wiring her when I first got her, but didn't like the stiffness. Maybe I used wire that was too thick and I might try this again with thinner wire. I just did some sueding on her joints and she seems better, but still not quite right.

      It is quite difficult to get her to stand on her own. Big ole shoes definately seem to help. The pamphlet that came with her says she will stand on her own, but that I should use a stand. So, will she stand on her own or does she always need a stand? That's a bit confusing.

      Her arms seem to want to stop at odd angles rather than where I want them to go. I did try loosening her arm strings, but that didn't do much. Her legs are a bit kicky and don't want to hold poses.

      I think she is the cutest thing, but I am finding that I am not playing with her much or taking many pictures because she isn't as much fun to pose as my larger doll. I get so frustrated! Anyone else have posing issues with her? What did you do?
    2. My Uyoo poses quite well...however, I have not tried to make her stand on her own. Her arms hold a pose nicely, as do her hands. I am going to take comparison pics of her and Becy tomorrow so will see if she stands well.

      'Sometimes' her legs are a little kicky, like when trying to change her outfit.
    3. I don't mind all the kickiness and stuff when changing clothes...I just want to be able to do some interesting poses for photographing, display, etc. Hmmmm, maybe I just got a quirky girl?!?

      I would love to see more pics of this cute little girl! Please post!
    4. My Khloe is wearing a BArbie wig from the Spa set and a Mary Kate and Ashley outfit (a little tight in the chest)--so cute!! I love this doll:D
    5. I don't know anything about Uyoo, but I think the bit about the stand is that she CAN stand on her own, but if you want to leave her like that for a bit you should use a stand just in case.

    6. Yeah, I think they might mean if you want to leave her standing around for awhile it might be safer to use a stand. But, I can barely get her to stand long enough for a photo!
    7. Mine doesn't really stand, either, but that doesn't bother me. Her posing is definitely limited compared to my Latidoll boy. I like her a lot, though. Mine does NOT have kicky legs. I've been wondering whether her posing would improve if I restrung her a little tighter, but I'm too scared to try. (I'm scared I'll break her arms, or something while trying to restring her .... horrors!) I can get her in a few poses.
    8. I think it is difficult to get her to stand on those teeny tiny feet. I did get her to stand for a photo after putting shoes on...big shoes. I am going to try wiring her legs with some very thin wire and see if that improves her kickiness.

      Snow Song, restringing is really not all that difficult. The first time is scary, but once you take your doll apart, it really isn't so bad. Some say, it's actually a sort of bonding experience to get to know your doll so well....inside and out. You will get braver as you try more things. It's good to know how to do those things in case you HAVE to do them rather than just WANT to do them. I'm no expert at all this, but I do know that I am starting to feel more comfortable fixing the quirky things about my dolls :)