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SOOM's Monthly doll for August (Leo): IO Wind Walker DISCUSSION

Aug 12, 2008

    1. [thread=235715]Info on News Thread[/thread]
      IO Wind Walker on Soom

      Oh my god, I thought it was gonna be a female doll so I thought I was safe but boy was I wrong!!!!! just pure hotness! XD;

      loving that outfit but not sure I'll get it..SOOM, you're killing me!!!!

      anyways, what do you guys think of this new boy? :3
    2. He looks awesome! So far nothing I am all that tempted by but he does look pretty terrific.
      So.. Super Gem or Mecha Angel? I vote Mecha Angel. I mean, I'd prefer Super Gem since the MAs are so enormous, but don't all of the Super Gems have gemstone names? I read that somewhere...
    3. since there another thread up already,and it been move to the right place, Mod please delete this one :)
    4. didn't notice there one up already muhahaha me want the boy now
    5. Yes yes YES! [​IMG]How come Soom read my mind? That's exactly the Leo I was thinking of! Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy.

      He looks like Saiph's little brother, only with more teeth. Isn't he glorious?
    6. :love :love :love *camps out for him to be released*

      He is just a DREAM. And those cute little lips! :D
    7. OMG if he has giant cat legs and paws I'll be doomed. :...( I heart big cats. (Not house kitties mind you)
    8. Wow, Lion King? He is too gorgeous...I want this man...
    9. damn, that's hot
    10. (Can I jump in?)

      The leo doll is so pritty...From what i've seen of him...i love him...
    11. Looks like they broke the male/female pattern.

      Thank gods because a male virgo or scorpio would have bothered me. >.>

      But he is definetely cool looking, I can't wait to see more of him!
    12. Oh wow never considered he might have cat feet. *.* That'd be cool!
    13. Is he MA or SG?
    14. no clue yet, but i can't wait, i mean we can always change the size it if to ...err short, which i hightly doubt :)
    15. AWWWW Sooooooom!!! Why oh WHy do you keep coming out with the most gorgeous boys for your special monthly releases!!! >.< And this one's a lion kiiiing. I'm still depressed that i wasn't able to get the Sard!!! And he was for my b-day month tooooo.
      Now to gawck at another one of you beautiful creations!!!!
    16. No clue on size yet, but they did break the male/female pattern. :3
    17. Augh... No fair. It's a boy ! I guess that means the Virgo will be a girl :)

      Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures of him
    18. I just wonder how hard the stripes are going to be to remove. Of what we can see i LOVE everything about him but those.

    19. I WANT HIM IN TAN. Soom must know how I lust after all things Native American, because this boy is sexy. Each month, I love this company more and more. :aheartbea

    20. wow!! How much longer til a Sagittarius doll? XD