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Sooms new Elemental Babies! (Speculation)

Feb 27, 2009

    1. Any way the glati/glot page is asking for a speculation thread....I dont know were it gose but should here work? ( I made this so it wont clog up the Glati/Glot page)

      What do you think the rest of the Elemental Babies will be

      Darkenss is Glati & Glot (Site Page)
      Air is ?
      Earth is ?
      Fire is Hati & Skoll (Site Page)
      Light is Bygg & Beyla Site Page
      Water is Eliv & Iv (Site Page)

      We can be safe to say that they will/might come in pairs....so any way this is were we can chat!
    2. i think air is elucase, earth is amber or maybe topaz (but wait.. didnt ambers page say "water spirit"?) fire is io and vesuvia, light is heliot, and water is vega and maybe bix?
    3. I also think Denebe would be earth as well as Topaz...Amber and Vega together?! No way!
    4. I think Earth will probably be Amber...she's a faun and her page keeps mentioning trees and stuff. Vega for sure is water. Where else would they put a merman? :lol:
    5. Who knows if they'll be based on the MDs? The demonicness of Sard and Beryl's looks suited the "darkness" theme, so little babies of their species made sense for the darkness set, but it's not like the other Zodiacs match up too easily with the rest fo the elements D:

      I suppose Topaz and Amber work for Earth; Heliot could pass for Air, if they need an excuse for a fluffy-unicorn-baby, and Euclase was part bird, so possibly him too; Bix and Vega are the most water-y; no idea who fits fire. Light Onyx is very...um, light, but where would that leave poor dark Onyx? I think at least some of them will be original designs :3

      Think they'll alternate between these babies and the "2nd land"?
    6. Air- Euclase Topaz
      Earth- Onyx? And IO
      Fire- Vesuvia.....?
      Light- Heliot, Amber
      Water- Bix, Vega

      I have no Idea really XP I somehow doubt the elements were preconceived...but maybe. I just don't know, that's my best guess. Some seem really obvious, and some, not so much. I don't see a whole lot of fire in any of them that is super obvious.
    7. I keep thinking IO is fire!

      Euclase is no dought air....did i make this thread right? I hope so...
    8. I also thought IO could be fire, but i think he also fits earth, being a hunter with the lion skin and being all tribal..but there is a fiery vibe around him.
    9. i keep thinking vesuvia is fire... the whole mt. vesuvius thing...

      i wonder if theyll alternate months or do half and half? i really dont want to wait like 4 months for baby elucase!
    10. Well, I thought IO would be fire, too, since fire is sometimes equated with courage. His title is Wind Walker, so maybe he's actually wind...?

      I think Topaz and Euclase might be wind because they both have wings (even though Topaz's wings are cloth).
    11. They might come as sets though...so think in pairs! Io and Vessuvia...
    12. I would have thought bix and vesuvia are cute together. But he seems like he would be water... XP
    13. I think that they will have a male/female pair each month. It would make sense to pair up the dolls with the most similar theme, such as color and mood. I also think that the elements are not to be interpreted literally, as it is with most fantasy genre. Here are my guesses:

      Air: Euclase and Onxy
      Earth: Topaz and Io
      Light: Heliot and Amber
      Fire: Vesuvia and Bix
      Water: Vega and Deneb

      Also keep in mind production. It would be easier for Soom to produce both Amber and Heliot together because of the hooves (like how Glot and Glati have the same mold). Also if Onyx and Euclase are both grey skin, it would make sense to produce them together.
    14. i think squishtaru just won! i wonder if the order will change...
    15. Speaking of order, which one does everyone want to see next, if they did it differently?
    16. I'd want whichever category Amber's in to be next. :lol:
    17. i want elucase!
    18. elucase! Please come out at least two months from now!...next one is the scoripion! Vesuvia!
    19. Yeah, I want Vesuvia, a cute and much less sexy version X3 but the tail! Ah! <3
    20. I do wonder if they'll all be tiny versions of the last MDs, maybe they'll only use the more popular MDs and the really unpopular ones will be relpaced by originals. It seems only a handful of Bixes were sold so they might not want to do another version of a doll which wasn't as popular.

      ... I just wish we had some idea, if they're all mini versions of MDs then these are likely to be the ones I most want but if there are original ones in there as well, maybe it's worth waiting. Not to mention the whole other "world" of MDs :sweat