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SOOM's New "Super Gem"

Nov 17, 2007

    1. I don't know how many people know about this since there hasn't been an offical announcement, but apparently SOOM is planning to start releasing a new type of dolls called "Super Gem"! o_o (I saw some questions and answers about it in the Q&A forum, and they have a menu for it between Mecha Angel and regular Gems.)

      This is what I found in a response to a qestion about Spinnel:

      "Thank you for your interest in our new type doll.

      Spinel is our first Super Gem male type.
      Super gem male type stands 65cm tall.

      His arms and legs are a little longer then 13sd body.
      He can wear 9~10inch wigs, nearly all the clothes and shoes of 13sd boys with long legs parts."

      Another response I found makes it sound like they're going to release just the body first though...?

    2. oh, i'd like to see more of their dolls in that height. :3 i quite like spinel.

      does anyone know if spinel--as a sculpt--is limited, or if it's just his fullset-status with elfdoll's emma??
    3. As far as I know, Spinel (Who looks alot like Sabik imo) has been released already as a fullset for the November doll along with a Elfdoll girl, he will be available as a Basic Set from December, with just the body as a option.
    4. There will be other available super gems besides Spinel. If not mistaken, Rex XD got it from the Q & A section of the site. Female super gems will be available too along with optional parts.

      I am liking the body. But so far from the photos it looks stiff. I hope its flexible. If it is maybe I can get over my sd17 obsession.

    5. Is Rex really the next one? I saw that post but I thought he was supposed to be the next Mecha Angel...? I could be wrong...^^;
    6. From what I understand, Rex is part of the Mecha Angel story line but is actually going to be Super Gem size.