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Soom's Original Minigem Girls: Uyoo, Aren and Garam

Nov 27, 2005

    1. So, here we are..

      Did you order one?
    2. I orderd about 30 minutes after the thread in news went up to say they were available, heh. totally impulse buy. she's just so sweet.. I keep telling myself that I can just make some more msd sized outfits to sell, I'll get the CC paid off before I even get the statement. I wonder if there will actually be a market here for ooak uyoo outfits or if everyone will be content to go with barbie sized stuff from the chain stores. I loved her in the mohair wig (the expensive ones) but they didn't have wigs up when I ordered and paid for her, and ouch on the price too. so I ordered some tibetan mohair in a few different shades and am going to make her some wigs when she arrives.

      I'm so excited about her and am really happy that the mailing dates for the first order are so quick, hopefully she won't get caught up in the xmas mail rush
    3. Oh, Huge congrats PirateWench, this little girl IS something very special :)

      Want all my hide her from hubby tricks?LOL
    4. well, I wonder. I have until tomorrow to make a decison ... It's cool to get the free make-up (it would be hard to make my own on such a tiny face !).
      I really would love my fiancé to get me one for Christmas but he doesn't sound convinced. And I'm not sure about spending myself the money that should be for my Christmas present ...
      It's hard all those companies (unoa, narin, minigem) making orders in decembre, when we're supposed to spend money for other people !
    5. I ordered on the 22nd - hope to have her in early December. I didn't go for the body blushing or custom faceup though - mine will just be standard.

      I think there will still be a market for custom made clothes for Uyoo - I wouldn't want to dress mine entirely in Barbie stuff although I do have some nice fashion fever pieces.

      I want to order the sheep wig from the site too!
    6. Lucky you ! Hope you will post lots of pictures ! Do you know if default face-up has eyelashes ?

      I just saw on Soom board that the boys are supposed to be releazed in march ... That's sooner than I though !
      I WANT ONE !

      Edit: and I just realized : the 27th is today, not tomorrow ! It's already 08:05 PM in Korea ! I have less than 4 hours to decide if I get her as my first bjd ...
    7. I am sure there will be a market for Uyoo clothes. I have been looking at Barbie clothes and so many of them are ... flimsy looking. I'd definately pay for a good pair of funky jeans and a casual cute top.

      Also, anybody have ideas for good shoes? Most are sold out on Soom. She doesn't fit Barbie shoes, the Jenny shoes are plastic/rubber. I looked at some of the online doll supply stores, and their shoes are too wide.

      Planning is so fun! I can't wait to get her.

      I also wonder how she'd look in 6mm eyes.
    8. I really do think that some of the Tallina/Antina shoes will fit her. Order a catalog, they have size charts in them that you just lay the foot on to guage the size.

      I agree, some Barbie clothes ARE flimsy. Most of the LE Barbie stiff isn't though. I have some exquisitely made LE Barbie clothes, that I am soooo hoping will fit her.

      Meanwhile I sure bet that there will be a market for cute, well-made clothes for her. And anyone sewing for her would have a multiple market (Jenny, Blythe, Momoko, Barbie etc.)

      I have to say I absolutely HATE sewing that small though. I have done plenty of it, but it's NOT fun.
    9. Well, I did it !
      I definitly would like to know about shoes too ... Is there a link to Tallina please ?
      And does someone know where we can find so tiny wigs (size 4) ?
    10. Monique carries some size 4 wigs, and there are probably other places we will discover as well.

      Here is a link to Tallina's/Antina's
    11. yay! account status is currently at 'before shipping' she's getting closer. I'm really excited because she should clear customs without attracting any charges. I'm really hoping for a speedy delivery *bounce*
    12. Same for me, "before shipping" !
      Dotoru says she may be here in 1 week ... I didn't know it would be so soon !
      I'm so exited !
      Thanks for the links, I'll explore. I went to look at volks website yesterday, "who's that girl" outfits are great and should fit her ! They look a look nicer than Barbie's in the details and finitions (but a lot more expensive of course ...)
    13. I will wait for her arrival and see her real measurement. From the website, her bust is 14cm , really big. (A normal 27cm obitsu body is only 11.5-12cm).
      If so, "Who's that girl" and many "Takara Jenny" dresses won't fit her.
    14. Oh, thanks for the info. does someone have a Barbie and can measure her bust, please ?
    15. I think "myscene" gal dresses may fit. Some "Azone" clothes will fit as well.
      I have many many dresses waiting for Uyoo trying on.
    16. my scene/modern barbie 12.5 cm bust. 13.5 hips. 8.5 waist
    17. *bounces*

      I got my email saying she is on her way. No tracking number though so I can't watch as she makes her way into the country. I'm really hoping for a monday or tuesday delivery.
    18. I got an EMS tracking number, but on EMS website it says " Your item number is not found. Confirm your item number and ask at your local post office.". Maybe it is too soon ...

      Also I asked on Soom board :
      "In the future, do you think you will make option parts for Uyoo ? Like other hands and maybe small breast ?
      And I know there will be a boy, will he be as mature as Uyoo is ?
      I guess kids would be impossible to make ... too small !
      (can you tell I'm dreaming of a mini Gem family ? :) )
      Thanks !"

      And I got this answer :
      "hi wendymmoira,
      thank you for your interest on Uyoo.

      your question:
      In the future, do you think you will make option parts for Uyoo ? Like other hands and maybe small breast ?
      >> yes.we are planning to make optional parts for Uyoo. but we don't know if we will make small breast.

      And I know there will be a boy, will he be as mature as Uyoo is ?
      >> i think so. he will be 16 or 17 years old.

      I guess kids would be impossible to make ... too small !
      >> actually we are considering to make a very tiny kid in the future.
      if we make a boy and kid, they can be a mini gem family. ^_^

      thanks again and have a good day"

      I'm so happy ! Can you imagine a mini Mini Gem ? 'Cause that's what kids would be !
    19. I have a tracking # too!

      a whole mini Gem family. think I'll settle for just the young man to keep my girl company. can't imagine trying to clothe anything smaller!!!

      wow! buying a bjd you don't have to wait weeks (months) for. what a pleasure.