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Soom's Post MD Event

Sep 5, 2009

    1. For those of you who missed out on MDs of last year, Soom is having a lottery event to get the chance to buy one!

      Everything from Beryl up to Vesuvia is up for grabs :D It's not a giveaway, however. You just get the chance to enter and buy one.
    2. So it looks like we can't do layaway?
    3. can we only order the full doll with face up and blushing ?
    4. Yupp. Sadly... It seems they manufacture 2 full set MDs for sale from each and that's it. Bye bye. :(
      They even wrote delivery will be in 3 weeks from ordering, and that's really fast if we consider soom so I think they started to produce them beforehand.
    5. Am I right in asuming it doesn't include heliot or amber? they arn't in the lil table thingy at the bottom....
    6. They'll only release the MDs that came out in 2008.^^
    7. how does this work? you just email then? I really want a Euclase *.*
    8. Yeah, at the bottom, they tell you the format of how they want your information. Then, during the event period, you e-mail it in and start crossing your fingers. You can only send in one application per doll, however.
    9. So it is possible to just send multiple emails for every doll that we want a chance to win? and if we win we have to buy the fullset. hm.. I wonder if they accept layaways for these? it says the doll will be shipped 3 weeks after payment is completed
    10. I'm not seeing that anywhere, just that they won't ship until it's fully paid... unless it's been edited since to reflect no layaway.

    11. If I am understanding their message correctly, it is limited to one entry per doll, per person.

      Someone shoud verify this on their Q&A.
    12. while i can understand them being limited, I can't help but think they would make soooo much money if they re released them all again for the large public. so if i understand properly they will be one of each mold for the japan website and one for the international one? seems a bit unfair...
    13. No, I think it's 2 winners for each, 2 winners for the Japanese store, and 2 for international.
    14. are you sure? you can make an entry for each doll? i read it to mean you choose the one doll that you want only..... :?

      actually..... if you were to enter for each doll.... there would be the possibility of winning 10 dolls.... that you would be responsible to pay for.... so i think not.... i have asked on the board anyway.
    15. I've asked in their Q&A about layaway and it is NOT available for this event...it wasn't exactly stated in the original message, so I figured I'd ask about it...
    16. it seems selling fullset only?
    17. Yes, the dolls are supposed to be the last of their kind to be available directly from Soom, and are thus only being sold as fullsets. ^^
    18. Actually, since they are only producing 2 of each doll, I think it is 1 winner for the Japanese store, and 1 international winner.