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Soom's Sweet Melody of June: Eliv & Iv (MD)

Jun 26, 2009

    1. They're very interesitng. I really like the feet. I guess these are "mini Vega and Deneb". Very different than I expected! Soom certainly has some very creative emplyees! It s omuch fun seeing their 'story' dolls each month!
    2. i really like their smiling expressions ... oh *sigh* no money this month though!
    3. I love thier cute smiles too ;-; but I've decided to wait it out and start saving for, hopefully, a tiny Amber. I'm not too happy about their leg design but I can't wait to see the outfit details ^^
    4. more than i could've hoped or dreamed for XD. i'm in love.
    5. Augh, Soom! DX Damn you! DAAAMN YOOUUUUU!!!

      Ahem. These guys are really,very too much cute. *_*
      Do want. Gah.

      Soomed yet again? T_T
    6. they are sooooooo adorable!!! I agree with Jirachi, i'm holding out for a baby Amber too since i missed her.....I am also waiting to see what Galena (air) will look like. so unfortunately even tho these babies are so adorable...i can't afford them right now :(
    7. *chews on nails* They are incredibly cute, and I'm usually not one for sweet smiling faces. It's going to be really hard resisting them this month, but I have too much on my plate as it is. ^^ Now that I see them, I am seriously dreading next month's girl (being that a character of mine that I haven't found a good mold for yet is a water nymph-type girl ^^;;; ).
    8. I was so focused on the feet/fins, I didn't notice the ears. Look at those fin ears, so cute.
    9. Soom's trying to kill me! Too cute! Sadly I can't aford them right now...maybe I'll get them 2nd hand one day. I was sad when I missed Vega so this is just evil!
    10. Coming home coming home she (Eliv?) IS COMING HOME!!!!!!:D
      I am well and truly Soomed.. was soomed from the second I saw the tiny little thumbnail then it got worse when I saw the pink and even worse when I saw the LITTLE FEETIES!:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea

      There is just no doubt about it in my mind, unless her body is freakishly deformed or something!:lol:
      I even have possible names already!

      This is the same kind of excitement I felt with Cuprit so, I think when a doll hits you this hard you just have to go with it!

      I'm guessing I'm going to have to wait ages to order though as Chrom is still on sale in Japan so, it seems unlikely they'd jump straight into these little darlings.

      Please excuse me, I'm kinda hyperactive right now!!:D
    11. Awww I was hoping mini Vega would look a bit like Vega :XD: But they are so adorable!! Too cute! :D I wish I could get one... but I may hold out for the next ones (though I said that with Glot and Glati and am kicking myself now, lol :XD:)
    12. Wow, super interesting! Not my cup of tea in the slightest, but that's okay. C: They have cute faces. And I like the possibilities that their outfits present. We shall see. The blue one really is cute.

      Congrats to the people who love them!

      Though, I do wish they would have kept the special feet a secret. It's always so much more fun to speculate about what their special parts will be.
    13. Omg I really love their little smiles and the sculpt! I wish I could afford Soom monthly dolls ;_; This time they are up to such high level of cute and the cute fish finny feet and the ears!
    14. Oh, man, little mer-tinies. :o They're not calling my name, but something tells me that next month's is going to kill me. Hell, if I didn't have a con in a month, I'd still be tempted. Thankfully, though, I'm not Soomed [yet!].
    15. They're so cute!
      I'm really tempted to get them, but I don't think I'd like them as my first bjds.
      I'd be really paranoid if I did get them Xp
    16. They look adorable! If I was into tinies, I would nab them. Thank goodness I'm not. Whew! XD
    17. Still soomed!:sweat

      I wonder if they're going to have cute little webbed hands?
      I'd be SO happy if they did! With those feet and ears, normal human hands might be really bizarre!!!
    18. SO CUTE! -dies-

      I'm really hoping I'll be able to resist these cuties. Another six month Soom wait is the LAST thing I want!
    19. Ooh, webbed hands! I didn't think about that possibility. I think that would be super cute.