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Sorry for delaying Haute doll Hound, and addtional services

Jun 20, 2005

    1. Hi..
      It is very long to see you. ^^;;;
      and I'm very sorry for you for long long Delaying of Haut doll Hound, again.
      I have no excuse for you, at any how, every faults are on our side.

      I've got quite numbers of Houndoll from Dollshe(from Factory of Replication)
      but large number of them were not in good condition, in my sight
      parting lines are very thick, colors are not so shiny(as my order)
      besides they have many troubles. so I'm insisting to Dollshe.
      Ofcourse, he knows what is my complain,too.
      and he is understanding fully what I want to.too.
      so He is re-doing from 1st to end again. now. (good man. truthful)

      Everyone says that I'm too strict, too nervous to Dolls, but...
      it is natural. Isn't it? I am a doll Fan. before be a shop master -_-
      Good doll, is the most important to doll fan.
      surport better dolls to Doll fan is the 1st duty of shop master, too.

      Just now, I have only 11 Hound dolls in my hand.(in good condition in mysight)
      and they are getting a full Esthetic course.
      (I hired sevral mans for quick and perfect esthetic course last week.
      but it takes much time than Bermann dolls T-T.
      eventhougn all of them has professional skills of esthetic course.
      It takes about 8-9 hours for one doll.....My God..)

      Tomorrow, I will get other numbers of dolls.
      Also, all of them will get the same cousre.

      Basically, Haute doll Hound didn't include the esthetic course as term,
      but in this case, I can not endure the doll in not perfect condition.
      (T-T...so sorry..please wait just for a while)

      For the name of TensiYa Limited dolls.
      I can not endure poor doll.never. T-T

      one Sad news is.....sorry for delaying dolls.
      one Happy news is....all of them will be perfect dolls.I can sure.
      One more Happy news is....(ha.ha.ha.ha) about the Make up.
      They are prettier than the sample doll >.<b (Yeypp!! >.<b)

      I deeply hope that you would be happy with our dolls...at anytime, in everywhere..

      Sincerely yours,


      Is there someone who ordered the Haute doll Hound in DOA?
      If so, please make your message on the board of TensiYa.com

      # Your name :
      # Your phone number :
      # Dolls name :

      ...^^/* (additional gift for DOA members)


      I made an upload to my page Http://anustyle.com
      Many images of Haute dol Hound doll, You can see it.
      I've got a permission from director of Haute doll, to use images to my page :D Thank you so much again.~~
      Because in here, the license of creators is very huge, we can not use our images
      eventhough it was maden by myself, if it is owned to other company.
      so I hestiated so much. Deeply appreciate for you again~~*


      sorry.....sorry for you...T-T;;

    2. Thank you so very much for your hard work and dedication. Please take as long as you need, and do not over work yourself. We all love you very much here on DoA!!! :)
    3. You are so sweet Anu! I am sure your Hounds will be breathtaking beautiful :grin:
    4. Anu~~~~ So glad to see your message here.

      Really appreiciate all the love and hard work you have put into making these wonderful dolls~~ I have messaged you~~ =D

      Look forward to seeing the doll in person~~ >_<

      Kazu :grin:
    5. Good to know that you care so much about the quality of the dolls. ; D Good luck, Anu! And I'm sure everyone's fine with the delay as it's a technical error. All the best!

      Oooh and is the Haute doll already fully booked? How much is it going for? ;0; I didn't realize the Haute doll was out for order.
    6. *hugs! for Anu~*

      Your love for these dolls always amaze me. <3
    7. I was not able to order a Hound from Haute, but I think I speak for many members here when I say "I'd rather wait for a perfect doll than one with imperfections."

      Thank you for putting so much time and effort into sending out such beautiful dolls :daisy

      I hope that the new Hound owners will post many pictures once they arrive!
    8. Anu, you are so very good. And Hound looks beautiful. *Happy sigh*
    9. Oh Anu, he's breathtaking!!! I just took a look at http://anustyle.com. Wow, just wow. I almost teared up.
      I do hope someday I get to be a part of the excitement and have one of your wonderful boys on their way home to me! I will keep a lookout on your site!!
      You are doing a wonderful job! We all love you & support you :grin:
    10. Dear sweet Anu, ^^

      I love everything you do..... He's gorgeous.
    11. Oh, Thank you so much for your comments,
      dear Violaine.. ::
      Oh, I don't work so hard..;;
      just people in near by me is getting great pressure for my hard qualification (T-T)
      I thought very sorry for them, but...I have no soluttion....;;
      Good Doll works are the basis of our business...(;)

      Dear Claudia~ ::
      Oh >-< Really long time to see you~* Howareyou?
      Is there no trouble for your lovely Na-bee? >.<
      Thank you for your sweet message again~*

      Dear Kazu~::
      Oh...I already remember your doll, natural..
      Thank you so much for your deep,
      and patient love for V...s(Can I write your doll's name here?^^?)
      He will be very happy to see you, in a preson.:D

      Dear Ogadamien :D
      Thank you for your sweet words, hehehe..
      Maybe I need some Luck. I agree.
      (Please..hurry up, and make it perfectly T-T)
      Oh..well..? Haute doll Hound has stocks in large number, I think.
      caurse 30 dolls are very large :D
      Maybe there are very many room for book dolls.
      Thank you again for your comment :D

      Dear Valentine....@-@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Hugs~;;;)
      Oh. What a long time to see you~!
      (about Jurassic Period?; when we made a commuication each other >.<?)
      How's your Sin? He is 3 years old, already, Maybe.
      And getting your all love~* I think..
      Once I visited your page, but coudln't find the enterance. T-T
      Hope that you always happy with your dolls...(Hug~)

      ..............;;;;; well;;; there are very comment in large number today..
      continued to 2nd reply. ^^;;;


      Dear Jibrille :D
      Thank you for your words >.<
      well..I don't think that our dolls are very perfect. but..
      I'm doing to making a better and better doll.
      careful checking, confirm& re-confrim.
      because the dolls have very long life (sometimes, more than human beings)
      So I do just doing my best when I can prepare something for him.
      Thank you again for your words~~** (>.<)

      Dear Janne >.<! (hug~~~)
      IT is very long time see you, too.
      Oh. I'm very happy today.(>.<!!!!)
      I'm having a Happy sigh too. :D (wow! >.<!)

      Dear Kyotopunk. :D

      Everythings are only for your adjustments, and all of your help,
      Without doll fans, is there something possible for me.
      I never imagine about that.
      so. it is very natural I do my best for you. to make better and better dolls.
      that is only one way that I see. to make and repay for your kindness. :D
      Everything is your favor.
      I'm really obligated to you. from deep my heart inside........

      Oh, dear Pam>.<!!
      How can I express to you, how much I appreciate for you..
      Every your advice, and your words are really helpful >.<!!
      cause I'm very poor at everything, your advices are absuolute.
      Thank you again...
      and It is very nice to see you, at DOA too >.<

      Oh, dear San.Fiona :D
      hahahaha...^^Never, never as it der Fiona.
      Tehy are not because my fan, Oh Mygod. such a "Too good" words for me.
      Just because,All of them are very very sweet people
      who worried about me,my poor talents ^^;;;
      and feel pitiful for troubles for doll works.
      Really sympathetic people >.<...

      I'm deeply deeply appreciate for you again...everyone...

      and..I'm very sorry for you, for delaying jobs. again....
    12. Lovely as always, Anu.


      As you can see, you have an adoring fan base! Good luck with everything, and we can't wait to see the results!
    13. He's lovely, Anu. I have him on preorder (I emailed Haute Doll as soon as I saw the pictures at their website). I look forward to getting him, whatever the time frame! :D

    14. Hiya Anu~ :daisy

      I think more time is good~ it not only improves quality, but love and appreciation as well.

      Sorry if that's a bit cheesy :oops: . I always look forward to seeing what you do. YAY~!
    15. Anu, i didn't order a hound from you, but i can say that just seeing how much you care about the quality of your work has me so impressed that i will be watching to see what dolls you offer and will make sure that at some point i am able to order one from you... it is so great to see someone as caring as you are about your dolls.
    16. Thank you for your wonderful and sweet concern for these boys!- I believe I can wait, although I do so with much happy anticipation! I am, thankfully :grin:, on your Tensiya 1/1 preorder so I feel a certain amount of confidence! How long it takes is a small, small price! :daisy :daisy :daisy
    17. :daisy We all know how much you care about these dolls, Anu, and we aren't upset about the wait at all! (In fact, I'm still gathering the money to order Hound so a little delay is good, for me at least! :lol: )
    18. :D Take your time Anu, no pressure from me. If I had your job I would do the same thing.
    19. I am going to bounce this back up because I have to say that I was totally amazed today.

      I did not think I would be able to get a Haute Doll Hound, yet was able to last weekend, since there were still a few available.

      Anu, I don't know if you will ever check this thread, I may just post on the 1:1 board, but I am now the happy owner of your HD Hound. I am working on a name for him. I just have to say that opening that beautiful doll carrier and seeing all those little packets with the different pieces of clothing and jewelry and everything was so fun! I did not expect that! And he is such a beautiful boy.

      Thank you again for doing what you do. I only wish I had known about your beautiful creations before. Your Queen Nitrocris is just about the most gorgous doll I have ever seen! I only hope that someday Dollshe will be able to offer a beautiful suntan girl like her.
    20. all your dolls are so pretty anu, I wish I could sew like you ^_^
      keep your chin up! =^_^=