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Soudoll High Priestess Celina

Oct 29, 2009

    1. Now that's some serious pretty! Though I have to confess, I wish she was a Zenith size female. I suspect the double size might be too small for my group.
    2. Oh, my.
      I stopped breathing. She is so beautiful! The outfit, the blue, ... everything.
    3. she's pretty resembling :the Popess....
      From tarot desk drawned by Scapini....
    4. Souldoll do have plans for a Zenith size female, hope she isn't too far away..

      The blue resin is pretty though.
    5. Oooooo sooo niiiice :D. I think Ill have to get her ;D.
    6. She's amazing! Oh, I can just think of all kinds of storylines for this one! Too many really great dolls coming out!!! These companies need to slow it down a little so I can save my pennies!
    7. She is a real stunner. Just wow!
    8. I'm not in love with her face, despite being in love with the blue. I'm saved the heartache of another doll I want to buy, but great job to souldoll. I was hoping to see more fantastical colours since Soom did purple with Vesuvia.
    9. Maybe the release of this blue-skinned doll is a sign that Souldoll has fixed their colored resin issue, and will be able to offer their tan dolls again soon!! I hope so - I want a tan Queena SO bad.
    10. She is so blue, it kills me. :D Fortunately her face doesn't do much for me, but oh wow, that blue...
    11. I could do so many things with that doll...(hm..maybe that came out a bit wrong..:sweat)

      But seriously; from looking at the pictures I'm thinking of at least 3 different roles she could play. Too gorgeous:aheartbea

    12. hehehe I'm with you all the way there. As beautiful as she is, she isn't quite what I need in my crew. But that blue is EPIC!
    13. She is really lovely. Her outfit and accessories are spectacular! :o I wish the Soom MDs had outfits with that kind of detail. I wonder if she will come with that book? *covets*

      Her color is beautiful, too. I have no idea what I would do with a blue doll and 55cm isn't quite tall enough or short enough. (Of course who knows what size a blue girl should be?)

      I'm not quite sure her face is stylized enough to pull off the color. She looks a bit like a normal girl painted blue rather than like it is her natural color. She is striking, though.
    14. Oh I can't wait to see her in a normal skin, if they ever release her like that. The outfit is especially lovely!
    15. OMG!! A BLUE doll!!!:D I love her outfit, hope it's
      included or not too limited, the book and hat/crown
      I doubt will come with her....which is fine by me.
    16. As she is made to represent the Hight Priestess in the Tarot deck, I would think that most if not all the items would come with her, or she wouldn't be the High Priestess. The card usually depicts a woman in blue with a headpiece with a religious symbol. She is seen reading from a scroll or book.

      That is some intense blue! I wonder if the doll is cast in solid blue resin or is it an outer coat like many tan resins?
    17. I am so excited! I have a shorter blue character in one of my fave stories, so she would be all right with 60 cm dolls... And she is the perfect blue too! :D

    18. She's bloootiful. :aheartbea
    19. Beautiful! I love the blue skin colour and the face-up suits the skintone great as well.