Soul Doll she worth it?

Aug 27, 2020

    1. Hi, everyone!

      I've been looking for years at everyone else's wonderful bjds and FINALLY have a job where I can buy one for myself. I've been looking at everything from Iplehouse to Resinsoul to Dolkus to...well, everywhere I can.

      I have narrowed it down to a few, and right now I'm interested the most in Soul Doll's Finley. The problem is, I can't seem to find much about her.

      Does anyone have any pictures or know of where I can see more of her (Tumblr, other discussions, Flickr, etc.)? And if you have (had) her or any Soul Doll, are they worth it?

      Thanks, everyone!
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    2. I've had my eye on her too, but unfortunately I can't answer any of your questions. Haven't found any pictures of her either that aren't from the original site.

      I have an Iplehouse JID...and one of the reasons I'm looking at a SoulDoll kid is I think the SoulDoll kids are easier to find clothes for, since they're slimmer MSD size.
    3. I don't have Finley, but I have a few other souldoll dolls, and at least I can confirm that every time a new one arrived, I was never disappointed in how they looked - the detail and quality is amazing! The new double body has been also getting very positive reviews on blogs and youtube in regards to how it looks and poses without any modifications needed. Indeed their measurements allow them to wear the slim msd clothes, but as a warning - they are a bit taller than minifees so the pants could be too short, and the option with big chest might be a bit too big too for some non-stretchy tops. I would suggest getting at least a pair of shoes at the same time as ordering, as their feet are on the quite small size for normal MSD shoes.
      A good point with Finley is that if you want her with a make up, she has two versions there to choose from :D
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    4. thank you for the tips! I wasn't aware of the shoe size thing...
    5. It's not very drastic - the boots should be fine, it's the heels and sandals that might make the feet look small and thin. It's just important to check the length and width of the shoes before buying when possible. The souldoll kids thread is a good idea to look through checking what others' bought and where.
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