Soul Doll Hybrid

Nov 3, 2017

    1. I just want to preface this by saying I'm brand new to the hobby (have lurked for years, but just to look at pictures), and I have little to no knowledge when it comes to making hybrid dolls.

      There's a character of mine that I really want to shell. It's been hard finding a sculpt that works for me, but I found the Soul Doll Chiron (human) and unless I can find something better in the next month or so I'll probably buy that head.

      I'm just having trouble finding a body from a cheaper company to hybrid with because Chiron has an 11.5 cm neck. Most 65-70cm dolls (the size I need) only have 10cm necks, maybe 10.5. The closest I've seen is the ResinSoul Yi, at 11cm.

      Would the normal skin for the Chiron head match well with RS's normal skin? Is the .5 going to be an issue, or is it close enough to be fine?
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    2. Usually .5 cm isn't that big of an issue in hybriding, especially if the head hole is bigger than the neck. It may mean that the head is slightly loose on the neck, but it will still go on. You just might decide to suede that part or put some kind of padding there (like a silicone disk) to make it less loose.

      I unfortunately cannot speak to resin match, however, as I don't own any normal skin from that company. Hope this helps!
    3. I'm not sure if RS and SD match each other's default normal resin, but RS does offer resin-matching services! You can send them Chiron's headcap or something and they can make a body in the same shade for you :)
    4. I'm about to get a RS NS (she's been shipped, just waiting for arrival) so if I do get the Chiron head I'll be able to immediately tell how well they match. If they're noticeably different I'll get him resin matched.

      That definitely helps, I didn't realise you could use silicone discs, although I did suspect that sueding could help.

      Another question, though:

      What would be the largest allowable difference in neck size? Would it be possible for the 11.5cm head to work on a 10cm neck with enough sueding and possibly those silicone discs? Or even 10.5? I just want to know what my options are.
    5. I have Chiron head and Yi body.
      And Souldoll normal and Resinsoul normal to compare.
      I will try to make pics for you at sunday or monday.
    6. Thank you so much! That would be fantastic.