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Soul Doll Moves to Manhattan (pit-a-pat-a-pat;;;;)

Aug 31, 2004

    1. Soul Doll Moves their head office to Manhattan from Seoul.
      It is no a rumor but a notice from Soul doll. (I read it just few munites ago)

      I couldn't get any otherdetail information yet, but
      Ball jointed doll fans in Manhattan can get great opportunity,because they have various good items for dolls. +_+
    2. WEEEE! :D My sister in law lives there, maybe I can send her the money to get me one! Hopefully I will have a job to go to so I can have some money :cry:
    3. oh WOW!

      I live in bayside queens, so i've alreayd been to their dealer there. OMG! yay! easy to get dollfie itens for Antares! this is AWESOME. do you know when they will open?
    4. According to Notice,
      Soul doll makes arrange their show room in seoul (Up-Gujong, the most precious area in seoul) to early next month.

      I can not assure that when they can open theri shop, but I will report to you as soon a possible
      the chief of Soul doll lives in manhattan, and the shop master controlled their head office in seoul, but they decided to combine ther head office, because sould doll got good reputation in USA,It seems. :D

      Anyhow, Souldoll has very good quality in their items, so I'm very pitty that coudln't get more items when they are in seoul. but It is very big news who lives in the east area of USA, Isn't it" >.<!

      Good Lucks everyone~~
      I will regards their news again when they make notice ^^
    5. Wow! That's awesome, and man, that is some move! I wonder why they are coming to Manhattan?

      Not that I mind. I'm a mere 8 hours from new york. /glee

      Thanks for sharing this info!
    6. YAY! That is wonderful news for us here in the US!....
      Finally ! A BJD company in the US!... Yippppeeee!!

      Thank you Anu for the wonderful news ! :D
    7. This is wondeful! I only live about four hours from there, so I could probably take the train up on weekends or something! I wonder if they'll have a shop set up where you could buy stuff...:O! That would make me insanely happy. :3 Thanks so much for the wondeful news Anu!
    8. *looks around* Yuki, I'm so making you go on su-pply runs for me then! XDDD
    9. Of course I will Leigh~ It'd be a good opputunity to stock up on random goodies to send to people! X3
      And if I could work out a system, maybe I could try and get stuff for other people too, if they'd wanna do that to save on shipping instead of getting it from waaaay far away? I dunno, I'll have to see what I'll be able to do. :D I can't wait to visit!
    10. nice!

      im moving up to Maryland in July, but I go visit NYC (uncle in staten island) and MD (friends) often, so that's cool!

      I'm excited for them! I'de love to visit their shop! I down own a souldoll but I intend on getting some of their shoes soon.. too bad customhouse boys feet are so damn big. But my Luts elf El will fit.. once i buy him.. i may buy him direct from the site since its cheaper than paypal fees!
    11. wow, I'm very curious about that too!
    12. That is great news. I live in Manhattan.

    13. that makes me happy on the inside. I luff soulldoll shoes and eyes <333
    14. ...another good reason to vist New York....ah, but no Concorde any more.
      Guess we'll have to slum it! :crushed
      Sounds like good news....
    15. WOW this is fantastic!! My dad works in Manhattan! and I live a 1 1/2hr train ride away! :D Its also really exciting to have a bjd company in the US
    16. Please excuse me while I keel over and die~!
      The Big Apple isn't too far away from here (probably about six hours car ride), especially compared to Korea & Japan!
    17. I'm in Brooklyn and don't drive, so Manhattan will be easier for me to reach by subway than Bayside. Still, if you don't mind my asking, what sort of things does the Bayside shop have? -- dolls for sale, or more like samples for display?
    18. Basically they act as a show room. they have a chase and an aru on display. However, i belive they take your order and the send it tio soul doll to be filled. I;m not sure though, they may have an aru or two in stock.

      and honestly, i walked right by them without noticing thier place in the shop, heh.
    19. You mean I can to a store that actually sells BJD and stuff for them. This is WONDERFUL news! I live in Manhattan - and can't wait.
      Please keep us up to date on the Grand Opening.
      PS - I sense aTri State Angels Get Together at Soul Doll in the future.
    20. Does anyone know the address yet? My dad wants to check it out for me. :D