Event ::SOULDOLL:: 2017 Summer event and New Dolls

Jun 28, 2017

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    1. Hello? This is SOULDOLL.

      We are happy to inform that new dolls are coming up.

      <General dolls>
      Tera-zenith boy : Klaus
      Zenith boy : SeoJin
      Zenith girl : Vasilla
      Vito boy : Yoongi
      Sweeter : Sevi

      <Fairy Story : Limited doll / Vito girl size>
      Rae-human ver. + Rae-animal ver.

      <2017 Halloween limited dolls / Kids boy & Kids girl size>
      Peggie (Kids girl) + Penz (Kids boy)

      All dolls will be updated within July.
      And, 2017 summer event applies to new dolls.
      We hope your big support.
      Thank you. :)

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    2. Hello?
      Tera-zenith KLAUS,Zenith girl VASILLA, Sweeter SEVI, Kids boy PENZ(human ver.) & Kids girl PEGGIE(human ver.) images has been updated! :)
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    3. Hello :)
      Will you sell their clothes separately ?
    4. I don't see the new vito boy Yoongi
    5. Hello there,

      I am interested in getting klaus head, do you sell the head separately? Another question, from the summer event, for 250usd and above, can i choose klaus head as event gift head?
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    6. Peggie and Penz have appeared, which are listed as the limited Halloween dolls. When looking at their page it says they are not limited. Does this mean that Peggie and Penz will be released again closer to Halloween with a Halloween themed set, or are they limited and its a typo on the site? Just trying to plan out my budget and deadlines for such things but I don't want to miss out on Penz, he's adorable.
    7. I'd like to echo errinreynolds' question! Penz is adorable, but is there going to be a Halloween-themed/more monster-y or both-y version of him and Peggie for sale around Halloween? If so I'm SUPER interested in that.
    8. Sorry but we don't selling their clothes.
      Their clothes is a summer event gift clothes.
      Thank you. :)

      We just have updated YoonGi images.
      Please check it.
      Thank you. :)

      Thank you for your interest in Klaus.
      However, we don't selling the head separately.
      Instead of, you can choose the head as a gift head if you make an order more 250$ within summer event period.
      Thank you. :)

      Sorry for confused you.
      It was our mistake. Peggie and Penz are limited doll and we have updated human ver. images yesterday.
      Halloween ver. images will be updated as soon.
      We hope your continued support.
      Thank you. :)

      Thank you for your support.
      Halloween ver. images of Peggie & Penz will be updated with special skin color as soon.
      We hope your continued support.
      Thank you. :)
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    9. Thanks for the reply. I still don't see SeoJin, curious how is he going to look like :)
    10. I have sent an email and Q&A about adding an event head for my order 20170525173614996MC :)
    11. We have updated SeoJin, Rae-Human ver.(D1), YoonGi images and gift dress images.
      Thank you. :)
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    12. Thank you for your reply :3nodding:
    13. Hello!
      I emailed Souldoll at the hotmail email address a while ago because I can't log into my account or reset my password, but haven't gotten a reply. Is there anything else I can try? I have an order I need to check.

      Thank you!
    14. Will small breast option be available for vito girl body(not only Rae)?
    15. Hello?
      Sorry for the inconvenience.
      Please send the email one more time or send a message via DOA.
      We will help you as soon as possible.
      Thank you. :)
    16. Hello?
      We will update the small breast option for all vito girls in today.
      Thank you. :)
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    17. Are the summer event gifts cumulative? If my order is above $650, I will be able to choose all previous gifts as well?
    18. Is there a photo with a comparison of the large vs small bust option? Maybe I missed it, if you could please direct me thank you. :)
    19. Hello?
      The image of small chest will be updated next week.
      Thank you.