Event ::SOULDOLL:: 2018Winter event & Sweetest dolls(new line)

Nov 30, 2018

    1. Hello? This is SOULDOLL.
      We hope your big support on our event & new dolls!
      Thank you so much! :)

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    2. Hi, would you be able to let me know how tall the dolls will be? (Sorry if this was written somewhere and I missed it!)
    3. Hello? Thank you for your interest in Sweetest dolls.
      We will update the body size and comparison image of sweeter body&sweetest body next Monday.
      We hope your continued support. Thank you. :)
    4. Is there a specific date for when the other new dolls will be released in December?
    5. Hi, I really wanted to order but the Sweetest skin options are only sandy-brown/grey? Will white/normal skin be available later?
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    6. We are expecting that we can release new dolls about the mid of Dec. We hope your continued support.
      Thank you. :)
    7. Thank you for your interest in our Sweetest dolls.
      We are receiving only sandy brown & grey skin until 31st Dec. You can make the order in white or normal skin in Jan, 2019.
      Thank you. :)
    8. Hello? We have updated Sweetest body image and Hanbok ver. & Vintage dress ver. all .
      And, you can see the comparison image of sweeter & sweetest body on link below.
      >*Special ball jointed doll for you, SOULDOLL*
      Thanks a lot!
    9. are you mistaken photos of vintage Melli and Sia in this announcement?
    10. and in Jan, 2019 all dolls will be in white and normal skin only?
    11. Oh, you are right. we have entered wrong name on above image. We will modify it as soon as possible.
      Thank you.
    12. Yes. We are going to receive all dolls orders in white & normal skin only in Jan, 2019.
      One more thing, we are preparing to show new white skin. We hope your big support.
      Thank you. :)
    13. oh, this is so unexpected.
      Is the new white very different from the old?
      I'm waiting for discontinued heads and wanted to buy a body next year.
      it does not match?
    14. Actually, we have not been mixing any paint in original urethan for making a whit skin until now.
      By the way, pretty some customers has asked to put a little more color in original skin tone because it is shown very light.
      We are testing a new white skin from last month and we are showing the comparison image within this month.
      It doesn't match because new white skin is not for discontinued dolls.
      We hope you understand.
      Thank you. :)
    15. Please tell me that classic white will be availible after release of new white.