Event ::SOULDOLL:: 2020 Summer event & New dolls

Jun 26, 2020

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    1. Will sandy brown skin be available for the new dolls?
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    2. Will the Henry head be available until 9.20.20 as well?!?!
    3. We afraid that sandy skin is not available during summer event period. :sweat
    4. Yes.Don't worry about it. You can purchase Henry head until Sep 20.:3nodding:
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    5. Will the heads be available separately? I'm particularly interested in a Hari head
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    6. I’m also interested in the Hannah head! I have a lovely zenith girl body it would be great with. Hope they’re offering it separately!
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    7. Yes. You can purchase Hari head separately. :)
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    8. Sorry. We don't have the plan to sell only Hannah head. :sweat
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