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Souldoll Aku

May 10, 2008

    1. New kitty! And for once they aren't afraid to show you want they really want...

      YOUR MONEY :)


      Click here for the webpage


      I think they can come with different eyes.. I am unsure.
      Well I made a post... let's see if the mods think they are on topic or not.

      On topic or not... I want one!
    2. Those eyes make me think of...eye chips? Like the ones you put in Blythes?
    3. holy wow are they cute!
      I must have every one of those anime styled eyes.

    4. well they make me think of those you put in Dolfie Dreams... they are about the same size too!
    5. Yes they are very simular to Volks' "Animetic eyes". They are made in sized 14-22 mm I believe. You can use them in any doll, BTW, not just Dollfie Dreams.

      I do have to say, these ones by Soul doll look a little more detailed and fun!

    6. I think they are normal acrylic eyes - souldoll has these 'special punk eyes' in the 43cm girls they have just released as well...
    7. I have to ask them if you can request eyes... though they are probably random.
    8. Yes, those eyes are about as "punk" as Cyndi Lauper in her heyday. :roll: I'm sure I've lost all the young people in the audience with that one so back to the kitty...Blythe eye chips were what I thought of too given that a lot of wacky custom chips are out there with dollar signs, flags, smileys and everything under the sun.

      I like the Bling bling kitty picture, it made me laugh. Really, these companies should advertise the new dolls showing them lifting my wallet because that's what it feels like. However, I don't need yet another kitty (and an anime one at that). I do wonder if those eyes will be available separately and if they will work in any other tinies.
    9. I love these !
      God I hope they are on -topic
      evey animal I like isnt allowed ..and I love this Kitty
    10. I have asked souldoll about Aku, and they said you can choose the eyes you want, as well as the makeup (brown or pink) ^_^

      also, punky eyes will be available for sale later~~~

      hope it helps~~~
    11. Yeah I know what you mean and that's exactly what I felt when I saw them. I thought at LEAST they are being honest that they want your cash LOL

      And OMG Cyndi Lauper... yeah I can see those kitties singing: MONEY! Changes everything WOOP WOOP WOOP MONE-EY Money changes everything... Ya think you know whatcha doin' We don't pull the strings...:lol:;)

    12. Oh nooooooooes! Don't say that Tinybear!:...( But if they do I shall get one anyway... I mean they have ANIME eyes! and they have little cute anime heads they are too cute!... and huge noggings and.... :aheartbea oooh I'm fighting a slipping finger here!

      Next month after Doll North... Next month... not long to wait is it? Oh who am I kidding???
    13. Thank you Kobo! I think they answered you before they did me so thank you for the info =) I know I want the pink makeup... but the eyes... I am so undecided! Maybe the hearts one... I love the little green eyes with sparkles in them... I smell that I will have to do an order at Volks for Animematic eyes soon!:doh

    14. yes thats what appeals to me ...I do love this anime style for animals
      ...one of mt favorite syle teddys I make is anime ...and best selling I have to add LOL

      OH DEAR ...I just had a major finger stasim ...I said I wouldnt buy any more ...but I do love this little one ...in pink ..she is gonna look so cute with PingPong :aheartbea

      thats this kitty , Roony and a White Elephant ..all in a matter of 3 weeks
      Oh dear ...time to sell another doll LOL
    15. I'll inform the mods of the new doll please refrain from posts speculating on whether it should be or shouldn't be on-topic.
      My opinion not wearing my virtue hat, personally I think they are cute
      The animetic-like eyes are adorable. They look cute and chibilike
    16. I just got word from the mods Souldoll Aku is on-topic
    17. i sooooo want one
    18. YAY they are on Topic... TINYBEAR we found you an anthro that's on topic!!!!
      Okay so who"s planning to get one soon?
    19. I'd love to have a little pair! although it probably end up giving me diabetes! *LOL*
      But oh they are so sweet! <3
    20. I want one, and then I need to commission someone to paint it to look like my little calico kitten. *dies from cute*