Souldoll and unbalanced molds.

Dec 7, 2008

    1. Making this because,
      i think people need to know. [they probably already do]

      Souldoll has a big unbalanced face issue.

      I know no doll is 100% even,
      but with souldoll it's gotten to the point of being.. like a needle poking in your eye everytime you look at them..

      Ive modded My sleeping Ize .
      Because one of his eyes was 2 mm shorter and 3 mm higher then the other.
      His teeth inside his mouth were uneven.. and it made it look more like his tongue. D:
      Also his upper lip was just.. completely strange and made the teeth look even worse.
      And i couldn't stand it anymore.

      So if you are a perfectionist,
      or easely bothered by unbalanced faces..

      be careful when you buy a Souldoll.. i know that Hye, Ize and one of the new girls have these issues.
      And it is so uneven you can't hide it under a faceup.

      ;3;~ <3
    2. I began to notice this too...T__T Especially with Hye, and I believe Gisele sculpts were having issues but unfortunately I have not seen any blank Ize's-- do you have any pics of the blank ize head before modding? Also has anyone pointed out these issues to Souldoll??? Because some of their promo pics I can't see the asymmetry...not until I see owner pics.
    3. this "is quite distressing to hear, it's not like their products are selling for any less either, as a matter of fact they have some very high priced items. i have a sleeping Ize on order as i just love the sculpt, and am now quite worried. it is however, reassuring to see how beautifully your Ize has turned out in the end, he is stunning. i guess i will prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

    4. i have some photo's of his box opening..
      but only on one photo he had his original eye shape...
      i was so bothered at first sight that i launched a knife into his head.
      It was still uneven, but looked balanced better.

      I do have pictures of his mod in progress..where you can see there is a different amount of apoxy on one eyes.
      [at the bottom.. i opend his eyes up.. so didnt cut into his lower eyelid.]

      I don't think souldoll edits the uneven eye issue out of the photo's...
      they are just doing a great job hiding it..
      here you can see that the one eyes has a different shape then the other :?
      Here im not sure if it are just the lashes or something...

      I also seen al the Bling girls inreal,
      and noticed all of them had uneven mouths.
      And they also seem to have that on the souldoll photo's.

      When i look at sleeping Ize, you can see they didn't make photo's of him head on. :/

      I think Souldoll has already had complains.. because i know some people with Hye's were angry about it.
      But i will post a Unlocked Q&A post on the board if i have some time and find photo's.
    5. ah yes...I didn't think they edited their pictures either...but they do an impeccable job of showing dolls at the best angles to mask the asymmetry. :( It just baffles me that if they have gotten complaints from their customers why they don't correct the problems on the dolls?? As MissAlly has said..they charge a lot for their dolls in comparison to other why the terrible mold quality?

      I hope you can show them some pictures, and make a proper complaint..I think if more people step forward and tell them they were not happy with their product they will *hopefully* try to do something about it. It's very sad, because I do have one Souldoll, a Jinwoo...but I believe he was made from a different sculptor entirely than the souldoll team, and he was crafted beautifully. I felt that it was safe to order from them again and get another doll like Ize. :( Thanks for sharing the info~ I wouldn't have known, because as you said..there are not any front view shots of sleeping ize on their site.
    6. Argh D:
      It isn't just me, then. I had suspected that Giselle has uneven eyes too, but I was hoping that it was just me because I had really liked the mold otherwise.

      Thank you Naiara for this post.
    7. wow, no kidding. i saw some of those photos before and they just didn't look quite right to be although I couldn't put my finger on it. It's true they do photograph the dolls in a way that they difference look like they are simply caused by perspective or the angle. Gisele seriously looks like she had a stroke and had half her face paralyzed. O_o

      Is it just the Soul Double or do soul kids have this problem too?
    8. I also seen al the Bling girls inreal,
      and noticed all of them had uneven mouths.
      And they also seem to have that on the souldoll photo's.

      ^ from my second post...
      The Bling Bling girls are i guess so..
      but Gisele, Hye are the worse and so unbalanced that it's...D: i guess.
    9. but a lot of companies have unbalanced faces.... look at volks and limwha (i'm serious - look at mano - his face is REALLY asymmetrical) - people don't go bashing their quality because they're not even...

      it's really hard to make an even face, you know.

    10. Yes i mention that in my first post.
      But.. those faces are uneven, but Balanced.
      [LOL.. Cerebrus project..gawsh they have some heads.. but it doesn't bother you when you look at them]

      Souldolls faces are Unbalanced. :/
      There is a point where.. faces being uneven crosses the line.
      And Souldoll is crossing it a bit.. just making sure people know that before they go wild on company photo's and buy a doll like that.
    11. i am aware of what you said - and the limwha mano is NOT balanced. his mouth is at an angle, volks often has eyes that are not the same size. heck, even look at the minimees! they are often "unbalanced" and asymmetrical - are you saying that unless the face is perfectly sculpted it's bad quality?

      but souldoll is not hiding anything in their pictures - you can see that the faces are off.

      i really don't see why it should be such a big deal to some one when you can see it in the picture.

    12. ..... :/
      sorry.. but i'm not gonna fight you on this.
      This is a feedback thread not a discussion thread.

      As a owner of a souldoll, someone that has seen a lot of souldolls because my friend is a souldoll dealer.. i'm simply warning people.
      Ive done faceup commissions and have seen a lot of doll heads.. so i know how uneven dolls are.

      If you want to warn people about Limwha being uneven or Volks having strange eyesizes .. or that Minimee's are a mess do so.
      I don't own a Limwha,minimee or a Volks so i can't help you.
    13. i don't see why i (or any one else) should when it's completely NORMAL.

      it is NOTHING BAD. (and yes, i've owned several souldolls myself)
    14. I'm assuming this is with the more recent Souldoll molds?
    15. @Devil's Trill: yes and no. Hye has had these imperfections and she has been around even before they discontinued all their old sculpts. However the recent sculpts like Ize and Gisele have had the same issues. I don't know how the Star, and L-heart have turned out for people though.

      I'm just going to add that I think Naiara and others understand that yes there are many companies that have their share of asymmetrical faces, however, I think that Souldoll's products are crossing the line a bit when their promo pictures mask the asymmetry by only photographing a doll at certain angles to hide any sculpt errors. In my mind they are not being truthful with the product, and i have to disagree that all of the asymmetry in the molds is apparent in their promo pics. Looking at many of the pics of the girls, you'll notice they tilt their heads a lot to counteract any imbalances in the face. Never has anyone said that a sculpt need to be 100% perfect..that is impossible of course, but at the same time when spending $587 of money on a doll [well over many companies prices for dolls] you do expect at least that the dolls eyes and mouth to be roughly even and balanced on the face. I really do not think that is too much to ask at all from a doll maker. Slight asymmetry is completely normal in dolls, however, what's abnormal is when you get a doll and the eyes are 3 mm higher and 2 mm shorter on the face, and needs modding to correct all of these imperfections. That is too big of an error if you ask me.
    16. My Lily C (new mold) has uneven eyes. One is wider horizontally than the other.

      But I'm really not bothered by it. I think the sculpt is beautiful and the uneven eyes just remind me that a human made her.

      I feel I should warn people because although it doesn't bother me, it might bother some people.
    17. I'd guess so. I've got a Soulkid Tiffee who's perfectly fine, and I haven't noticed any facial oddities on the other old Soulkids.
    18. Hmmm.... must be the newer molds. I have an SD Marvin head, and I've never noticed any serious asymmety in her features.

      That's too bad, since I was eyeing Giselle for a potential future purchase. :(
    19. We have had quite a few Soulkids pass through our house over two years ;) I have never noticed an obvious unsymmetrical face mold in the older Soulkids (such as Snyder, Tiffee) or the newer Soulkids (Mayu). We have owned a Soulkid Miryu from 2 years ago and recently bought a new one and there isnt a difference in her facial shape.
      I do not mind assymetrical faces, I actually encourage it in face ups etc, as we are not perfect ourselves.
      However, I can see the obvious imbalance on their larger dolls such as Gisele, her eyes are definitely noticeable. The shape is different in each one. I do not know if this would put me off or not, I guess people would have to see them in 'real life' to judge.