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Souldoll Aurora and Hewer Discussion

Jul 23, 2009

    1. :D GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!! They both are so very gorgeous!! I wish could have a Hewer when he comes out XD his mold is so beautiful ^^
    2. Looking at the other Souldoll Doubles, I think Hewer will actually be 63/64 cm.
      But both looks so beautiful!

      (I actually thought both were MSD size, so now I feel a little like an idiot XD)
    3. I think I'm in love with Hewer :O.
    4. I thought Souldoll's Zenith section was in the 70cm range? Oh well.
    5. ^ It is! Hewer is a Zenith so he's on their (SoulDoll's) 70cm body. ^-^
      Aurora is a double-girl, so she's around 58cm, if I'm not mistaken
      (can't wait for the day SD makes a Zenith girl!), but Hewer is definitely
      a big boy. XB

      - Enzyme ^.^
    6. Agreed. Hewer should be 70cm or else he'll be posted in the Double's section with the other boys.

      Hewer is gorgeous, I really like him. He reminds me of the older souldolls the ones that are discontinued? At some angles I'm not sure what to think, but his 3/4 face is love. I think I'll be on the fence till I see owner photos. I don't have a 'must buy now' feeling with him, but he is definately one I'll consider, I guess I prefer Chiron more.
    7. Turns out that I don't deserve to post XD
      I better read well next time ;)
    8. I'm right there with you on that. :)

      These two look really lovely. I'm liking Hewer -- he almost looks like a 'normal guy' version of Sydee to me.
    9. Hewer is amazing... And he seems to fit a character of mine, even his size is perfect :) Although I am not sure I will buy him... I once had a Souldoll doll and it didn't fit in my family. But maybe the big Zenith boys aren't as slender and small-headed...
    10. The Zenith male human body is pretty muscular -- in a very nice-looking way, so they aren't super skinny. :)

      I would say his head is a little small for the body to my eye, though, at least the Chiron (centaur version) head is. Most of my dolls tend toward the smaller heads, too, more ovalish than roundish, and it was notable among even them, but with a wig on I notice no difference in their proportions.
    11. I guess I'll be the first to say that Hewer doesn't appeal to me, but Aurora is soooo cute! Ugh, I already like Star and Giselle... I may just avoid SDs altogether tho, they're rather large... *uselessly attempts to talk self out of buying them*

      Lovely job on Soul Doll's part, both are great dolls.
    12. I've been looking for a mold to fit a character of mine, and it looks like SoulDoll's Aurora may have fit the bill! She's supposed to be the sister to my Soom Chrom, and I think she'll work perfectly! And I'm glad she's not limited, as I won't be able to afford her for a while, but at least I know she's out there.
    13. I adore Aurora's oufit, i'd split for that in a heartbeat. But the girl herself isn't for me ...
    14. I've noticed :) The neck seems too muscular for my taste... Still-- muscular or not, a doll might seem "small" comparing to others... Souldoll double also have a really nice muscular body. I will have to look for pictures of Chiron with other dolls :)
    15. Be still my heart, Hewer is absolutley gorgeous! He reminds me of the LUTS Abadon, only less stylized. I just... wow, he's amazing. But I JUST bought a Souldoll Double Boy body, so that set me back quite a bit.

      But I think he's going on my wishlist!
    16. I can try to get a few pics of him with some other dolls if you like? They may not be good photos, but I have a Unidoll Real, a Super Gem, and an EID which are all roughly in the same size group, so that might be a good comparison?

      I have to admit, I really like the Souldoll Zenith body a lot. It's not huge like the EID, has nice definition without being -too- wiry-muscled, and isn't quite as slim as the Super Gems. The only thing that makes me raise an eyebrow a little are the hands, which look a little large to me, but they're actually in proper proportion to the head from what I remember from figure drawing classes. I'm just used to such delicate hands (even on boys) that they stand out a little. :)
    17. *nosebleed*

      Hewer is absolutely stunning! His face.. *sigh* I'm in love.

      But damn, 70cm is too big for me! Since Souldoll heads are small, do you think he would fit in a 60-65cm body?
    18. *adds head on smaller body to photo list* I -think- it should work. I don't know what resin matches Souldoll, though. I have a WS, and a WS Minimee head looks wonderful on the Zenith body -- maybe the Minimee male body would work?
    19. Oh Surreality would you be able to do a pic of the Zenith body with a supergem? (human Euclase if possible...) I've been wanting to know how they'll look like together, I wanted a Chiron as my Euclase's bodyguard xD

      I actually like the Zenith body but it seems so big to what I'm used to, the 70cm boys always takes the back burner in my list I guess.