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Souldoll Beth

Jan 31, 2007

    1. In a way, this girl reminds me of a School C, the second picture in particular. :D
    2. I generally dont like Souldoll but I really like her.She seems to be a bit softer than the older girls and not so square around the bridge of the nose like they always used to do.
    3. Doesn't she look like Liv Tyler!? :o
    4. Oh lovely! She looks a bit like the oldschool Souldolls. :) I like her mouth, I want to see her modded into a vampire, Victorian/Anne Rice style!
    5. Ooh, she IS pretty! I like her better than the other SoulDoll girls, I think. She actually resembles a DoT to me a little bit...
    6. She is very pretty. :) I have apx 3 months to decide what my first bjd will be. She is a runner up!
    7. Uh oh karin! Another souldoll girl? Lol! She is quite pretty! I could see her being clara's sis! :)
    8. :lol: She'd be the sweet one... Clara has way more attitude
    9. I really like her! I might have to get her someday...
    10. I want the costume. XD I want it really, really badly.
    11. She looks like a close relative the Souldoll´s new boy, Vernejet.

      And her dress is simply do die for.
    12. I can't get over how cute her lips are~~
    13. oh, wow! I love her. She looks so soft!
    14. I love the Soul Dolls. She is really pretty. They came out with Soul Doll Clara so my mom had to have her. Same name. Now Soul Doll Beth. She'll have to get her too. My sisters name. She is really cute.
    15. She looks a LOT like a female Arhanian oo;

      Very pretty. (gorgeous outfit!)