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Souldoll Clara - Owners? Fans?

Mar 28, 2005

    1. I'm a HUGE fan of Souldoll Clara. I've kept my fingers crossed since I first saw her hoping she'd be released as a general edition. I just didn't want all the extras she came with and so didn't see the point in getting the limited version. I figured since Lune and Paris were released as general's right after their limited releases, she'd follow suit.

      But I'm still waiting and hoping. Also, I haven't seen her on the boards or any owner photos. Is she unpopular? Does anyone here own her? I'd like to know the probability of finding her second hand within the US or even in Europe.

      Also, does anyone else here really dig her? =3 I love her big ... rear. And she has the cutest face. She's one of the few doll's whose face-up I'd be hesitate to redo.
    2. :grin: I love the souldoll girls, and Clara -is- gorgeous. I like Myosung myself, but sadly she isn't available anymore. They do seem to be rather impossible to find anything on, though, and I can't help you except that I emailed SoulDoll a few days ago asking them about their next planned release of a girl doll.
    3. I saw her on their site modeling and outfit and loved her - but she is only available in that huge dress that I just didn't want at ALL, lol. I hope they release her in regular issue, I'm dying to see what she looks like in other clothes, other faceups, etc! I loved her too.
    4. I liked Clara a lot too! but the dress is a little much, and not really what I'd like to see her in. Would be nice if they made a regular version... But i'm way over my dolly budget! Argh

    5. Clara's first edition was a limited one and came with a big fluffy dress, she sold out quickly, I'm not sure how many of her were actually made. But I'm right there with you hoping they'll release her as a general edition soon! (I'd actually just posted that in my Souldoll group too! XD) If you click on the link in my sig, the pic on the main page is of a member's beautiful Clara.

    6. Oh! She's adorable! She's my ideal doll to be my Ttory's big sister! *_* I NEED Clara. Need her bad <XD
    7. If you check the news section there's a link to the new general edition Clara! :D They must have heard us all drooling on her! Now someone go buy her so I have more pics to look at while I save for mine!! :lol:
    8. Does anybody know about the SIZE of the souldoll girls -- are they taller than Lishe/Choa sized??

      Clara is CUTE!!!!!!!!!! oh dear................. Clara... Soony.... ack. Bad bjd companies, making all these dolls!! *_*
    9. General edition Clara is really pretty ^^ I would definitely like to know what her body looks like, though o.o Are there any female souldoll owners with pictures out there?
    10. XD I'm so happy! Vocalizing my internal whinings must have had some amazing magical affect over the Souldoll people... I LOVE SOULDOLL! I'm am officially a Luts + Souldoll whore.

      ;-; They should get together and make many beautiful babies.
    11. Yay for Souldoll! Actually, they'd been planning to release Clara as a general edition from the start. I think they read our minds before we even knew about her! :grin:
    12. XD Yeah, I know! <3 Gah... now... I need money... >XD!
    13. I have been through the search engine and read just about everythign here that I can about Clara but I still want to know a couple of things.
      How many Clara owners are there on the board?
      The main complaints were about her neck and ears, about how long are her neck and how big are her ears when compared to other dolls.
      I have a Volks old F-28 with the old BW skin, in you guys opinion would they clash too much?
      Also I would love general praise, problems, etc. How were Souldoll's faceups, how is her poseability, what sort of personality did she have?
      I was also thinking of emailing Souldoll and asking if they would make me a Clara in their limpid cream skin. Is that too much to impose on them? :oops:
      Thanks for any info and opinions.
    14. Souldoll only has one type of resin right now due to supplier issues, I haven't heard anything new on it fora while - I will assume they don't have both types available still, so there's really no way to get one special made. So it'd kinda be more than imposing. :oops:

    15. There is a Clara on YJ and the seller has some really nice up-close pics of her body and face-up done by the company, sorry don't know how to link a auction page.
    16. I previously owned clara. She did have relatively large ears and a pretty long (but not akward for the size of her head) neck. I had custom face up done on mine and souldoll did exactly what I asked and it was lovely. The only thing was whenever I stood her up she violently bent over so I think she was strung a bit tight.
    17. Thanks a lot everyone ^^ I'll see if I can find that Clara on YJ. It sucks that they are having supplier issues no matter if it involves me or not. I know how frustrating that kind of thing can be.

      I think I may have them do her a faceup ^^ From what I saw Lauryn the faceup she came with to you was lovely.As far as the stringing goes I can fix that myself ^^
    18. I ordered a clara! she will arrive this week! But I also own a soul,kid harang and I can say that souldoll dolls seam to have big ears! personnally I like it! I hope you'll find one that you like :grin:
    19. I love Clara! She's so different from the other dolls out there. If I hadn't bought my CH Ai at the moment, I would've plonked down the money for Pure Petal Clara. Anyway, I bought my Clara from the secondary market, and when I first received her, I was a bit surprised. She was just... different from what I expected. She certainly didn't look like her promo pictures, but within five minutes, I was playing with her out of the box. She was nude and bald, but I just loved her sculpt (body, face, and appendages CHOCK FULL OF DETAILS)! She was just so different from my Ai.

      I played with Clara so much that my friends were telling me not to have favourites. xD I definitely recommend getting her new eyes because her Souldoll defaults are UGLY and do her no justice whatsoever. She looks so lifeless with them.

      I personally think that the F-28 wouldn't look so good with her because she has smaller features that are more realistic vs. stylized. However, it could work, too. :)

      I have difficulty posing her without any shoes on. Like... A lot. -_-; But she retains posing in her arms quite well. As Lauryn said, she bends over a lot. ^^;