Sales Promotion ::SOULDOLL:: Discontinued dolls & body list

Jun 30, 2017

    1. Hello?
      We are sorry to inform you that we have decided to discontinue below dolls & body.
      You can make the order of these dolls & body until 31st Aug, 2017.
      And, we will do our best for release more various dolls & body in the future.
      Thank you. :)

      <Discontinued dolls>

      Kids girl : Evelin / Dami / Maa / Janne / Angela / Sylvie / Sasha / Rosha

      Kids boy : Albee / Tess / Ruan / Reuben / Nino / Balial

      Vito boy : Sharics / Haim

      Zenith girl : Delmia / H.C Delmia / Karin / Gwen / Charti / Sabrina

      Zenith boy : Clay / Lucci / Adolf / Lot / Achille Debussy / Weslie / Locke / Key / Derrick / Iliya

      <Discontinued body>

      Kids girl : Double jointed body type
    2. Are you planning to make separate heads sales and unassembled sales with discount, like you did with Double line?
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    3. Sorry but we don't selling the head parts only separately.
      Thank you.
    4. Is it just me or were these dolls already taken off of the website? I cannot seem to find any/many of them. If they are no longer on the website how will we be able to order them?

      EDIT: Thanks Ashvolt! I don't know how I missed that >.<
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    5. I was confused by this as well, but the discontinued dolls have been separated out into sections under each of their doll lines.

      For example, click on one of the doll lines, such as Zenith. Near the top, you'll see the buttons to sort down to just Zenith boy, or Zenith girl, or Limited dolls... and a new button - "Discontinued dolls (~2017.08.31)" You'll find all of the discontinued Zenith dolls (both male and female) under there.

      You can do the same thing under the Vito and Kids lines, too.
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    6. You can see the dolls in discontinued dolls category in each doll size category.
      >zenith : *Special ball jointed doll for you, SOULDOLL*
      >Vito : *Special ball jointed doll for you, SOULDOLL*
      >Kids : *Special ball jointed doll for you, SOULDOLL*
      Thank you. :)