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Update ::SOULDOLL:: Discontinued dolls&New ordering system

Jul 25, 2018

    1. [​IMG]
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    2. Hi hi,
      just to make sure, it is possible to buy the discontinued dolls in milky cocoa?
      Or is the milky cocoa option only for future dolls after discontinuation?

      And second question is it possible to order a girl kids head on a boy kids body? Like yeon-bee on boy body?
      #2 Mademoiselle Grymms, Jul 25, 2018
      Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
    3. Hello?
      We don't offer special skin for discontinued dolls. Sorry about it.
      It will be offered for future dolls only.
      And, you can purchase YeonBee head with N.L boy body we are going to sell the doll head of discontinued dolls separately as we noticed.
      Contact us if you have any questions.
      Thank you. :)
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    4. NOO! The two souldolls I have had my eye on! Don't do this to me!

      I don't quite understand the 1 in 3 thing about sandy etc. If we want one of the dolls on this list in one of the special skins is that actually possible? I'm now very confused.
    5. Ah that clarifies some things.
      Thank you for explaining ^^
    6. I don't see YeonSoo in that list. Does that mean YeonSoo will not be discontinued?

      I am also confused about the new ordering system...
      Are you saying that every doll will be released 3 times? 3 separate sales periods?
      And only one sale period will have special skin?
    7. I am also confused. Does it mean we are only able to order the item three times ourselves or that you are only releasing each item three times each?
    8. I'll wait for more clarification, it does seem like it can be confusing...I'm thinking 3 different order periods for a specific doll, one of those order periods is for special skin. Sad to see they are discontinuing all of their dolls.
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    9. Also, will the body parts alone be available for regular sale all the time?
    10. When you say you're going to sell heads separately, does that mean all the time? Or that during this discontinued doll sales period, you can just buy the head if that's all you can afford? This is very confusing to follow...
    11. The heads are only of the discontinued sculpts and will only be offered during the month of August from my understanding.
    12. Can you still order fullsets for ones that will be discontinued>? I am interested in Cratos. Will I be able to get his clothes before he is discontinued?
    13. Hi, I don't see Vito Boy Jacop on the list. Please confirm that he will still be available. I really want him
    14. Is it just the head sculpts that are being discontinued or the bodies too?
      So, if we grab a head before it's discontinued, will we still be able to get the body at a later time?
      I also agree that I need some clarification on this new "three times" order system...
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    15. the three times is super confusing. I'm utterly bewildered and kinda stressed about how this is supposed to work.

      I really wanted a Joelle in sandy tan for instance, but it looks like that might not be at all possible? Because it sort of contradicts saying "we accept a special skin order only once" and then "no you can't order that doll in this colour"
      I'm really really confused.

      If I understand rightly, this means that once this kicks in, there will only be THREE Vito boys left to order anyway? That makes me nervous about ordering a vito head and obtaining a body for it at a later date I have to admit.
    16. I see that Joelle is on the list, but not Joelle.D. Will Joelle.D be discontinued, too?
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    17. Will there be a discount for ordering full discontinued dolls?
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    18. So is this right?
      1. Dolls will be released and can will be released 3 times
      2. After the three ordering periods, then the sculpt will be discontinued
      3. During the ordering period, a customer can order the doll in the special resin colors
      4. Dolls that are always available will NOT be offered in a special color, except when an ordering period begins.
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    19. @purple_monkfish I agree that there are some things that need to be clarified and I am sad to hear that special skin colors (like the sandy tan for the Joelle you wanted) are not an option for the dolls being discontinued.

      I believe that the "we accept a special skin order only once" is in reference to the new ordering system which hasn't begun yet. If I am understanding correctly, it looks like the new ordering system will involve a maximum of 3 ordering periods for a specific doll, one of the 3 ordering periods will include special skin colors.
    20. Hello?
      Sorry for confused you.
      We have expected to some extent about new ordering system but many questions are posted. ^^:
      We will update about extra features as soon as possible including all answers to your questions.
      Thank you.

      And, we are informing about milk cocoa skin mentioned above.
      We have not yet decided what we are going to sell which special skin color in future.
      We just have mentioned some special skin in special skin sold as an example but it is confused you.
      We will remove it in above post because we don’t have any plan to sell milk cocoa skin in the future.
      Sorry about it.
      #20 SOULDOLL-Master, Jul 26, 2018
      Last edited: Jul 26, 2018
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