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Update Souldoll discontinues suntan skin

Aug 5, 2009

    1. It seems that Souldoll is stopping the tan skin option for Queena and Phillipa dolls.

      This is the message they have today:

      I'm really angry and dismayed by this as I needed a tan Queena, they haven't given a reason for the stoppage, and they never said that skin color was limited.

      I posted a message to them today, so I'll wait to hear their reply.

      I'm so very bummed by this. :...(
    2. I was planning to buy a tan Queena in a couple months! :...( I'm not terribly surprised by the change, but I am dismayed that they didn't give any advance notice. :| If I had known they were going to discontinue the tan skin, I would have ordered her now on CC and just paid her off within a month or so.

      Discussion Thread Here
    3. GOOD NEWS!!!

      I asked Souldoll (on their Q&A board) about the tan skin being discontinued, and they replied.

      So it sounds like this is a supply issue, not a permanent change, and they're looking for a new source for whatever they're missing for their tan resin mixture.