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SoulDoll Discontinuing Their 60cm General Boy Body

Nov 29, 2007

    1. I searched, but I didn't find anything on this, so I started a discussion thread about it,
      because it seems interesting. The SoulDoll 60cm boy body was one of (if not) the first
      mature/muscular detailed male bodies I saw, in the BJD world, it's sad to see it go (in a sense).

      It seems like they won't be selling their 60cm boy body as an optional part anymore,
      only their double-boy body. They say they've "discontinued the sale of the boy body."
      but, I wonder if this means they will stop making their 60cm male-dolls as well?

      I always wanted to get a Haughty Paris head, but it hasn't been made available separately,
      as unpopular as SoulDoll is, I rather doubt I'll find one in pristine condition for sale soon.
      Now if they discontinue their 60cm line, it will practically be impossible for me to get one. T___T

      Anyone have any thoughts/comments?


      - Enzyme ^_____^
    2. From what I understand SoulDoll is slowly converting all their dolls to the double jointed bodies. Currently you can order the MSD sized girls with either the standard or new body. I imagine that the old male body will simply be the first to go. I hope they don't discontinue all the older faces though as there's still one I'd like.
    3. I wish these companies would come out with alternate, double jointed arms that would be compatible with the current bodies they offer. The tum on the 60cm body is wonderful, and the legs are MUCH nicer and masculine than the new ones, joints aside.
    4. Celestyn's marked sold out, both head and full doll. Any news on whether it's completely discontinued, since it does have an old-style (if unique) body? I know someone who will weep tears of blood if it has been, because she was planning on ordering one in December.
    5. That came up on another thread, and someone forwarded the info that they asked, and yes Celestyn will be discontinued. That figures, since the body was different from the normal 60cm as well. And for something that wasn't a popular selling item--
    6. The old body was partly why I fell in love with Souldoll, and while the new double-jointed body is slightly different, I love it just as much if not more, since it is wonderfully poseable

      I doubt they will discontinue their 60 cm dolls, most probably they will send the heads of the 60cm dolls out on the new body. I had placed an order with them for a Haughty Paris doll and a Paris head last month, and a few days before they posted the discontinuation notice, they sent me an email stating that they had tested the heads on the new body and will send them out with the new body if I don't mind. And the heads work great on the new body:) It would be tragic if they discontinued the sculpts, as they have some really beautiful face sculpts there, even if they don't fit the characters I have in mind.

      It's strange that they have yet to offer the Haughty Paris head alone for sale, since its been some time since it was first released. Good luck in finding one, or maybe you could find a split partner, since there might be interest in the new body
    7. Yes ive had confirmation that Celestyn has been discontinued. Its a shame as he is so cool and i wanted an extra head for my Celestyn.

      The Celestyn body is different to the regular body too, its androdonous and 8cm taller, it is being discontinued also.
    8. Thank you all for your comments on this thread. The SoulDoll 60cm is also one
      of the reasons why I fell in love with their dolls (particularly Paris and Lune, their first
      to sport the body).

      Gwydion, I truly do hope you are correct, and that they are only upgrading all of their
      dolls (even the 60cm males) to the new double-jointed bodies.

      hobbywhelmed, I agree with you. I love the 60cm tummy and legs - very detailed and
      beautifully sculpted.

      Filovirus, I had hear that Celestyn had been discontinued for a while now. That is very sad,
      there were never that many of Celestyn, now there will be even fewer.

      ashlia, I am planing on creating a WTB thread, I wouldn't want to miss out on the Haughty Paris head,
      just in case they do discontinue all of their 60cm line. Paris is my greatest love, don't want to
      miss anymore of him.

      Rushlight, Celestyn is very cool, I wish there had been more of him/her around.

      - Enzyme ^_______^
    9. Oh dear, Souldoll just announced they are going to stop selling all their general edition dolls by December 31st :o But why when the old heads work well on the new bodies?

      Enzyme>> I do hope you get your haughty Paris head. Maybe you could ask them if they would sell it to you as a head, since you already have a Paris
    10. I'm sad that they're going to stop selling their old doll heads. It does seem a shame when they'll fit onto the new bodies, I agree. Maybe they're gearing up for a dramatic new line of dolls or something XD It'll be interesting to see what they're going to do for the future. I mean, that's a sizeable chunk of their inventory that they're discontinuing, you know?

      Anyway, it makes me happy that I ordered my Lupinus a few weeks ago instead of waiting to be tempted by the Christmas releases. I'd never have had enough money to pick him up in time.
    11. Thanks for your suggestion ashlia, I will try that. SoulDoll has been very helpful
      in the past so I hope they sell me one. T____T

    12. If any of their new releases look a thing like Jinwoo, then that may well be the case.
      When I went to Souldoll's website and saw him, I had to double check and make sure that I was actually at Souldoll and not at Elfdoll or some other company that sculpts more realistic heads' website!
    13. Oh no! Really, they're all being discontinued? That's rather sad as they had some very nice sculpts & there's still one I like to have but alas, no money for him right now.

      As far as the new boy's body goes though, it's fantastic. My Zii just arrived this week & I can't believe how posable he is. While I'm not particularly fond of the look of the new joints, they work amazingly well & since most of my kids stay dressed, the look isn't too much of a problem.

      Now to see what I can rob so I can get Arhanian before he's gone forever.