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souldoll double boy lampard

Jan 14, 2010

    1. i m surprised to find no thread for him

      new souldouble lampard

      I love his lips and noise; a gorgeous face !
    2. ohh he's sooo cute <3 <-wants
      am i the only one thinking that he looks like a smaller bro of chrom? :XD:
    3. He is very handsome. I could see him in tan....or rather I would like to. ;)
    4. A lovely boy, rather elfy looking to me. I could do without all the tilty pictures though, that's annoying.
    5. That was my first thought. His eyes and lips are similar. He's pretty, but I'm not into his nose shape.
    6. I like it a lot. He could be a perfect lover for my E-an.
    7. I also thougth he looks a bit like chrom, and the only thing i'am skeptic abouth is the nose too, but I think I want him >_< nooooo. i'am not suposed to get more dolls :|
      I will try to resist his beauty, if I remove the flowers and only look at his face, maybe his beauty dies... yes.
    8. Now he's smexy! Whoot! Gotta love Souldolls for creating some very yummy looking guys ;)
    9. he just entered hardly in my wishlist :XD: i can't stand at his particular beauty. only i must know which skintones he matches cuz i dont like those knees of souldoll body.
    10. I hear you about the knees. I love so many of Souldoll's head sculpts but the bodies have always put me off. I love Lampard's face though!
    11. So there are more pictures of Lampard now modeling wigs and outfits . . . what does everyone think? Some angles I find unflattering but he's absolutely stunning face-on and that's the most important thing right?

      I can't wait to see owner pics. I could swear I saw him with brown eyes somewhere but maybe it was a dream.
    12. He's another Souldoll that I want (I think I'm up to 4 or 5)
    13. I wonder what matches too. The knees bother me.
    14. i mailed souldoll one month ago asking if they have a plan to re-do a new body because of ugly joints and they told me around end of this year..

      btw, someone got this boy? i wish to see picturess :XD: