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Souldoll Double boy Lee Minwoo!!

Jul 29, 2008

    1. [thread=232440]News thread here.[/thread]

      What do you guys think of this new boy!

      I really like him he looks a lot like Minwoo! And I'm happy there making more Korean stars.

      He is so handsome!!!
    2. You dont know how i wish i could buy him!!!! Omg i love Minwoo and i wish they would make Junjin, Hyesung, Eric, Andy and Dongwan too ~~but i know that if they do another Shinhwa boy i die of jealousy xD

      But Minwoo *_* i want him~~
    3. He is dreamy lol , he was one of my favorite in Shinhwa ...I hope they will do Kim Hyun Joong in ss501 just imagine drools lol.

      But this is Minwoo la ~ the cutest smile ~
    4. If they made a Junjin, I think I would just die.
      The one of Minwoo in his suit looks like the one when he's performing his solo single, 'Let Me Love You'.
    5. Just cries .... why do I have no money !!!!!! i want want want !!!!! ...And yes I do know he isn't yet released for sale but I just know that even when he is ready I still will not have the money for him * pouts and slinks away *......OMG he is so beautiful .....
    6. Oh, my, Minwoo!!!!! *0* If they make an Eric, then I'm doomed *loves Eric so much*
    7. Dolls like Lee Minwoo are the reason Souldoll is my current obsession. He looks gorgeous and further confuses e over which Souldoll is my favorite!
    8. OMG if they made a HyeSung I would die!! he is soooo cute!!!!!!!!!

      Wuzixu: OMG I am so with you on the Hyun joong dolly omg that would be so sexy!! oh and Jungmin!!! oh yeah!!

      Man I love souldoll and how there new style is going. they make such amazing dolls!! I hope they continue making more celebs!!!
    9. Yeah I like the new souldoll guy they are sexy I really hope for Hyung Joon ~~ Ahhhh that would be dreamy!!~

      Minwoo >_< awww such hottie lol , Now Ize or Minwoo mmmm....
    10. AHHH, MINWOO. :XD: Souldoll, you're amazing. Please make a Gong Yoo doll next. Or anybody from Super Junior. Or SS501. :aheartbea

      OMG, or BATTLE. ROFL, Souldoll is a Kpop fangirl's DREAM.

    11. ~drop jaw~

      soo pretty Minwoo sshi! :aheartbea
      the sad thing is that I know I'll not be able to afford him ... -_-

      this is not so bad, could be Eric, then I would be totally dead *_*
    12. OMG yes they totally are kpop girls dream!!! I love the outfits they have for minwoo! i want them!!! but omg if they come out with TVXQ, Super junior, or Big Bang dolls i would just die and have to buy them all!! I mean how sexy would a siwon, donghae, yunho, taeyang, gdragon, and Jaejoong doll would look ahh!! oh and ft. island!!

      But ahhh Minwoo is so smexy!!!
    13. Ooooooh, he is really gorgeous! :D Darned if I know anything about Korean stars, but as a doll sculpt, man, he'd work so well for a character of mine - even better than the Ize I was considering for him. Mmmmf, those eyes! <3
    14. Finally another Korean star!!! Lee Min Woo is very handsome...i love the fullset suit...BUT 1250...T_____T I wish full set wasn't so expensive...

      I wonder if we get the Lee Min Woo autograph too~ like Lee Jun Ki??
    15. I'll bet that eventually Souldoll will release a standard Min Woo as they did with Lee Jun Ki. That's how I was able to accuire my boy.

      I"m liking this new boy too.....must be patient and wait....saving penny by penny!
    16. I pretty much banged on the keyboard a whole bunch and finished with an "I want."

      YEAH I WANT.

      And Dongwan too ok. <3