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Souldoll Double Boys and clothes

Dec 29, 2008

    1. Hi I just wanted to ask about it before I buy anything. I tried to find it out by measuring and stuff but I don't have my doll here yet so it's a bit..well

      Most clothes are given sizes like SD and SD13 but aren't they too small then? I mean Souldoll Boys are 63cm and SD13 generally is 60cm or not?
      Someone said Guessdoll clothes are for 62cm tall guys. What's with Cheerydoll then? (For I really like their style)

      Please help!!!
    2. SD13 clothes fit well but the pants are a little short. I solve that problem by tucking them into boots then the length doesn't matter.
    3. So it's mostly the legs that make the doll taller...ok thank you^^
    4. Can anyone tell me some other companies who's clothes also fit Souldoll Double Boys? I know that some dolls have longer or shorter legs, bigger or smaller thighs, and bigger or smaller chests, so from personal experience, what have you found that fits the Double Boys? I plan to practice sewing to make most of my boy-to-be's clothes, but I wanted to have some really detailed stuff for him too...hehe. I want to spoil him. =D
    5. CP Delf boys pants fit I think, might be a little short though. I know Sd13 shoes fit.
    6. ***********bumps***********
    7. Dollmore Model doll stuff fits, but he only has shorts from there so I don't know about length.
    8. Pants from Pupa Paradise fit too.
    9. *bump for more*

      Would SD13 long legged pants fit well without being short? All the pants I used to have Damon wear with his old, Delf body are too short on his new Souldoll body. @0@
    10. -bumps-

      I am really interested in finding some nice-fitting clothes for my boy. D: None of his old clothes fit since he switched bodies.

      lol I think I'm just too picky, I can't stand having pants that are too short, even slightly. <n< and I need long pants, cause I am not a big fan of the double jointed knees without something covering them.
    11. -bumps thread-
    12. I have only bought clothes for Seung ( Souldoll Double Kanguk) from Dollmore so far but in my experience all of their shirts, hoodies, and shoes, socks and underpants seem to fit him well but the pants are a little tricky. I bought him a pair of SD size skinny jeans from there and they were extremely tight on his legs, the length on his legs was okay but I could barely get them to snap closed they kept popping open when I would move him and if he sat down his entire bottom showed out the back, talk about plumbers crack... O.o they just looked ridiculous, but he has a pair of long shorts from there that have an elastic waist and they fit perfectly so I dunno... maybe he just has a bigger than normal SD sized butt? lol hope that helped some..... lol :)
    13. I used to have a Souldoll Lee Jun Ki-- Raphael SD13 clothes were *perfect* on him :)
    14. -Sorry if this is in the wrong place:doh.-

      I am currently waiting for my first doll,and have found some trousers I like.
      They are made for a SD13 long leg boy, Delf or Senior Delf Boy.
      Does anybody know if they would fit a Souldoll Soul Double boy?
      Any help would be highly appreciated :lol: I'm kind of new to all this stuff:sweat
    15. Sorry I can't help you with the sizing, but I do believe this should be posted in the Size Specific Forums... don't worry, someone will move it for you :)
    16. Hm, I have some of the Raphael SD13 long legged pants for my Souldoll body but they're...I dunno, they rise up past his ankles when he is sitting...I think I'm too picky, but it bothers me. XD Everything else fits perfectly, and I love the belt loops to pieces.

      Do SD17 pants fit?
    17. Just bumping this up<3
    18. Wouldnt crobi's r+m clothing line fit souldoll double boys?
    19. Bumping, I would also like to know if cypress jeans from long legged sd13 would fit!
    20. Ok lets gather the info:

      Upper Body: SD and SD13 clothes are mostly ok
      Lower Body: SD13 LongLeg (but a bit short when he sits---have a pair of them too so I know -_-)
      Feet: SD mostly a bit tight (then his feet seem tiny compared to the rest of the body -_-)

      with shoes I always check the product-info cuz its different everytime sometimes even in one company. Some SD-sized shoes are totally ok.

      What I would like to know now is:
      How about shirts and jackets in modeldoll-size?
      Would SD17 sized pants fit him? (like those from nine9style)
      Anyone tried gloves and the like?

      oh and.. when he wears SD13 sized shirts are they tight or do they fit just normal? For his chest size is a bit bigger than most SD.