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Souldoll Double Boys Morse, Eliot & Nia

Jun 23, 2010

    1. Souldoll announced three new boys at once! :D




      That's pretty cool that they'll immediately ship the first 30 dolls of each type. They mention that they have contracted a new doll factory to produce dolls for them. I wonder if these will be the first produced there?
    2. This is awesome and makes me sad....cause Morse is probably going to drain my bank! Handsome boy!
    3. Fortunately Souldolls aren't limited, so there's no rush to get the actual dolls...but their limited clothes are always so incredible!!
    4. Awwww
      I love Eliot... I love and hate souldoll, this is another limited i love and I will never get ¬¬

      Edit: ..ok, i got wrong, i though they were limited too.. XP
    5. I see a Nia doll in my feature, the bank account might wail and gnash its teeth.
    6. Morse is gorgeous and his outfit is to die for. Will Souldoll offer layaway for these boys because that might be the only way i can afford him...
    7. Wow! I think I found another character, lol. I am loving Eliot...and that *new* double-boy body sounds intriguing....hmmmm....where oh where is the $$ going to come from :?
    8. Morse is so goooooorgeous!! Knowing Souldoll though...they might never release these as heads separately. =___= I hope they do though!
    9. Ooh. These are some pretty boys. Eliot in particular.

      flamtod: These aren't limited, just the clothes. :>
    10. Aw, I love Morse, and Nia's outfit ; u;
    11. Oh man, I really like Morse. He reminds me of 60cm Narin charisma a bit, there's just something about him. I can't wait to see more pictures of these boys and the new body.
    12. Yeah, I need to see more pictures and I'm terribly curious about the measurements! Previous double boys have had small heads that won't fit in with my doll group but a new body may mean slightly larger heads! I hope! I hope!! I'm loving on Eliot so far. He looks like he has a nice classic Roman nose. Perhaps he vaguely reminds me of the quickly discontinued Dollshe Van?
    13. Thats who he reminds me of too! love those lips!
    14. Thats what I'm hoping for as well! i hope their heads are slightly bigger, i want Eliot so badly, but only if he fits in with the rest of the crowd :)
    15. THIS! I would own at least five Souldolls if their heads were so damned tiny!! They just look too alien next to my other dolls so I always give them a pass even though they are sooo beautiful.
    16. I really like Eliot! He reminds me of Soom's Chrom. :D
      I can't wait to see what the new body will be like! Maybe they will redesign the knees? That's really my only problem with Souldoll bodies, is I don't like the knees. They are functional, but not very pretty at all, in my opinion.
    17. I really like Morse. Not so keen on the outfit, but I doubt it'll be hard to not be one of those first 10 or whatever. :lol:

      I really need to see the new body first, though. I just today gave away my Chrom after being frustrated by his lack of posability, and I know Souldoll will come through there, but if there are extremely visible ribs it's going to be a dealbreaker.
    18. Yeah I love Morse too, that expression on his face juts make me melt XDDDDDD
      They should be made for 70cm not 60cm, I thought these guys was 70cm first.. just look at those mature face aishh...
      Yeah the head probably won't fit for 70cm doll T_T
    19. Morse is really calling to me, though they are all wonderful sculpts. <3

      And I wish for larger heads too! I LOVE Souldoll sculpts, but the small heads tend to look odd with all but the more realistic types of dolls. ;_;

      The fast shipping thing is really exciting. The wait between when a new doll is released and when we get to see real owner pics can be painfully long!
    20. Morse is a stunner. They all are, really, as are the clothes. (Their clothes never fail to amaze me.) Truly wonderful. Souldoll keeps impressing me more and more with each of their recent releases.