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SoulDoll Double Edition Soo-Hyun

Sep 30, 2007

    1. Dose anyone own these "double jointed" dolls to say if the joints are better than souldoll regular - jointed?
    2. Oh lord, he is gorgeous...he looks sweet one way and cool another..he might be my twins!
    3. Oh wow, he has some amazing eyes! :D

      Thank GOD he's not a limited. I would have screamed... *_*

      Would that faceup he has in the pics be he default? I totally love it!
    4. Don't know if it's the poses or the face up or what, but definitely seconding the mysterious air.
    5. Ah, saw him the other day :D I hope a few people on the board bring him home!
    6. Wow! He is so hot :D :D I think I know who I want <3
    7. Goodness he's handsome! The heart sensor is certainly interesting too. I wish I could hear how it sounds, I could never get the sample to work right.
    8. Dagnabbit!
      He's perfect for a long-term character of mine named Fate.
      I thought I would never find that combo of sharp cheekbones and smirky full lips in a doll, so I had pretty much written off getting him in doll form unless the perfect sculpt popped up.
      Well, lookee there, it just did. *______*
      Even the outfit is perfectly Fate...he needs sky-blue eyes and blond hair, though. *grin*

      I am also quite glad he's not a limited, as I won't be able to pick him up for some time. If they make a limited white skin version, though...guhhhh...I really would prefer white skin, since the character in question is extremely pale....
    9. If they make a white skin version i will have to buy him- he is LOVE!!! :D
    10. What does it mean: "All customers who buy to our dolls during the event period(from 1. October to 31.December.) is FREE to the shipping cost. (only customers who buy to dolls)" ?
      to dolls = two dolls?
    11. OooO Manic, that is mysterious.
      He's really sweet, tempting too. I love my Soulkids, I don't have any big ones.
    12. I believe they mean that shipping is free if you buy one or more of their dolls from 1. October to 31.December^^

    13. I understand about free shipping but what does their "to" mean? :? Is it "two" or what?......:sweat
    14. I simply think it's a mistake that the 'to' is there^^

    15. he looks a lot like hye to me.
    16. I really like him!!! :love

      The heart sounds like a pretty cool thing.
    17. Male version of Hye??? Yeah I see that too, I do hope the makeup looks like that....I might get him....
    18. I love him. I'm looking to buy anothet boy but there are just too many to choose from at the moment. I want 10:doh
    19. Cute! Yes, definitely male Hye. He looks more like Hye's brother than Osu does. ^^