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Souldoll Double girls Jang Hwa and Hong Ryeon

Jun 6, 2009

    1. i like jang hwa too. her lips are so detailed! thanks for sharing this.^^
    2. Souldoll do beautiful dolls. Thanks for sharing! :)
    3. Whoa, I totally missed this! I don't know why these girls didn't get much attention but I'm personally dangerously in love.

      I think the braid-wig from her promo pics isn't flattering to Hong Ryeon's face shape but god she looks so good with a different wig modeling Souldoll's new outfits:


      Waaah... thank goodness she's not limited. I keep seeing new dolls that I want lately, I can't make up my mind. Dx

      EDIT: I think I realized why - to me she looks exactly like Suigintou from Rozen Maiden looked in my imagination (yes I know Volks made an official Suigintou, but Hong Ryeon looks more the way I imagined from watching the anime). Ugh, so much waaaant...
    4. y'know, you're right! she does have a very suigintouesque face!
    5. I couldn't locate any owner pics of these girls to save my life, so I made a trip to Denver Doll to see the two they had in stock. Wow--they are both beautiful! I couldn't resist putting Hong Ryeon on layaway; I would eventually like to get Jang Hwa also.
    6. Please post pictures when you get her! I have been looking everywhere for owner pictures of these beautiful girls :)
    7. Thank you so much for sharing pics bijoux!
      She is just cute as I thought! Expect more photos from you!
    8. Does anyone have pics of Jang hwa?
    9. Thank you so much bijoux!! Your Hong Ryeon is just amazing. I will say she looks very different from pic on SoulDoll webside, wig and dressing you prepare for is very beatiful, too. Especial the one with the beariful hat, she just looks like a captain, confidence and genius.!
    10. bijoux : your hong ryeon i lovely ! congrats
    11. You're very welcome! She really is a gorgeous doll, isn't she? Souldoll has a winner with this girl; I'm just surprised I don't see more owner photos online. There simply must be others out there ...
    12. Merci beaucoup! I can't resist buying more clothes and wigs for her and will post additional photos soon.
    13. whoa she is so pretty , I am debating between hong ryeon and jang hwa or hye,,, which do you guys think is prettier? thanks
    14. Wow, that's a hard question to answer. I saw Hong Ryeon and Jang Hwa side-by-side at DDE, and I had a terrible time choosing. In fact, I was going to buy Jang Hwa after I finished paying off Hong Ryeon, but someone else snapped her up first. So, I may order her in the future, but I have to confess that I like Hye also and may buy her next. I have not seen Hye in person and would really like to in order to help me make a decision.
    15. hi person in ft. collins, i am in golden lol, i love your pics of hong, so much prettier than the pics souldoll have up,,,,I think wendy at dde has a hye so you may be able to see her irl.... I am still debating , but, lean to jang,,, wish I could have seen them side by side, luck you...
    16. Lol, hi person in beautiful Golden! I'm glad you enjoyed my pics of Hong; I need to put more up very soon. If you tend to prefer dolls that are very realistic, I would go with Jang Hwa.

      I must talk to Wendy about seeing her Hye ...