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Souldoll Double Hye ~ Doll with a heartbeat <3

Apr 26, 2007

    1. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=133865


      She's pretty neat. She looks a bit severe with the hood on, but rather nice as a fairy, I think.

      0.0 I'm really curious what's up with the hearbeat thing. How do you think it works? Speaker? Is something moving in there? Voodoo? Is it just me or are dolls starting to get more human traits than they used to?

      Would you like it if your non-Hye doll had a heartbeat? It would be really funny to see the reaction of someone afraid of dolls...
    2. Yeah, she does look a bit severe with the hood on, but I kinda like that. But I tend to get attached to unhappy looking dolls. XD

      As for the heartbeat.. it does seem a little strange but I think it's also kinda cute. Especially the way Souldoll talked about it.
    3. She look very posable, but I don't like the face sculpt at all, there is a page with more details on this new body?
    4. Oh, mad flaily love for the body! ... Except for the heartbeat... ..... .. ... thing. Do not want. >_<
    5. I really like her, her body is absolutely wonderful. But the heartbeat, no.
      I like her face too!
    6. is the doll has heartbeat@_@???!!!
      Anybody know whether souldoll's skincolor match with rainy girl or not???
    7. :o Oh my she is just lovely, I am wondering how does her heart beat? No way can it be implanted in her chest and you press a button to hear it, just by looking at the pictures I don't see how it's possible.
    8. oh yeah, i'm all for the heartbeat thing, though like everyone else i do wonder how it works. her face...i dunno. she's pretty but there's just something about her
    9. for reborn baby dolls, there is a mechanism that you can buy and insert in a pocket or inside the doll which beats when you press it against you. So you could only hear and feel it when you press the button or activate it by hugging the doll. I wonder if the heartbeat is sort of like that? I couldn't get the sound clip to work for.

      that girl has a beautiful face. I love the dent under her lower lip. so beautiful.
    10. She's so beautiful!! I love her face! But I wonder if the heartbeat is really in the doll, or are they just using the sound clip on the webpage...? Know what I mean?
    11. I love her face - so much angst. the body is incredible too - but the heartbeat- aahhh. I think I like her face because it looks hypermaniac-ish.

    12. She's gorgeous, but not my type of girl I'm afraid. The heartbeat thing though... If the "heartbeat" is actually a mechanisim inside her body that can be transferred to other dolls I will happily buy one from someone who is afraid of it. That's so sweet. <333
    13. Its odd, normally that heart beat would make me NOT want it...yet I do!
    14. SHE'S GORGEOUS! O: I have FOUND MY GIRL DOLL! Ooooh man, if she's a limited I will DIE. Maybe the "double edition" means there's one version with a heartbeat, and one without! Because it says they'll start "selling her with heart" on May 1st, but she's up for sale right now. So that might be what they mean by "double edition".

      I'm seriously in love with her. A girl WITHOUT eyes the size of her FIST! And I love that bizarre outfit she's got on. o_o Sooooo great! Eeee, I waaaaaaaaant! X3 Gimme NOW!

      She seems to be from a new line, "souldoll double", so maybe that means that those dolls will have heartbeats? I can't tell if I like that or not. Probably not if I couldn't turn it off.
    15. The "double" probably refers to the double joints in the elbows and knees. The heartbeat is probably a simple sound mechanism like you can find in some stuffed animals. I bet you could easily outfit a doll with one of these mechanisms....Hm...

    16. I really like this girl.. her expersion is very unique.. well at least to me she is. But the heart beat.. um.. no thank you. ^^;;
    17. I love her body and want to make her into a boy (ungodly to do I know but... the curves so seductive.) Though I can't hear the heartbeat I keep getting error 403 - forbidden... Gah! (This is exciting though!)
    18. Wow, I like the pic of her curled up....man, she's a beauty!!!!
    19. I really like her!! The heartbeat thing is kind of an unnecessary gimmick to me, but a cute idea. I LOVE her outfit!! I want that hood!!


      *edit* I love her face SO much...!
    20. I actually really like her face! It's one of my favourite Souldoll faces so far. He body is great, too.

      As for heartbeat... Well, that freaks me out in a living thing. Still, it make just fascinate me if I ever saw one in person^^.