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Souldoll Double Limited Tan Osu

Aug 30, 2007

    1. The outfit is cool.

      His eyebrows are crazy though! Hmmm. He looks so different tan.
    2. I LOVE his outfit!

      Gosh, if ONLY!
    3. He looks very different tan. Much more sultry, although the spikes help that along too, I'm sure. Swoon-worthy as he is, I already have a normal skin version on layaway at Dolls and Friends, and just put in my order for the Peacock of Rainbow Hill Miribyeol, sooo... *Looks despairingly at the balls of lint and the candy wrapper that are the sole contents of her wallet*.

      Someday, my dream will come true, and all of the larger BJD companies will offer all of their basic dolls in tan all of the time. I wouldn't care about paying extra, I just like to have a chance to save up, without the LE pressure.

      The outfit is not something that I would want to own (looks high maintainance), but I love looking at the pictures of it. Looks like it belongs in an art gallery, not my private collection. Souldoll just never fails to impress me. Which explains why they have so much of my money, at this point :sweat
    4. Wow. *facefloor* That's something. Osu looks really good tan. And what a great outfit.

      Crazy eyebrows. Yes. I do like the tan version, the entire ensemble is stunning and absolutely gorgeous, but personally I prefer the normal skinned Osu.

      I just love the details on the clothes. So beautiful. v_v; :aheartbea
    5. He is so lovely..
      Perhaps one day *hopes*
    6. I love the fact that he's a Tan, and I love his outfit, but I'd rather have a different face-up...
    7. Wow! Fire of Purgatory is one of the few default faceups that look positively manly. I like.
    8. so cool~~~~~~~~~i love ~~~~~~
    9. Tan with manbrows. Mmm, yummy.
    10. Wahhh~
      I saw him at the BJD con here, and loooordy.
      He's got such a presence. @___@
      Looks so much better in person. <3
    11. He's so gorgeous. :ablink:
    12. He is so gorgeous!! Souldoll is killing me with their gorgeous tanneds now! I wish I could get him, but I definitely can't right now - besides Priestly would be very jealous having a tanned version of himself walking around ;)
    13. I love how Souldoll isn't afraid to try new things.
    14. wow, so pretty!
    15. I Like the doll itself. Maybe not the wig. A bit too girlish for me. But I like his face up a lot. The costume is a bit too much for me too. I like Gothic Glam, American Sportswear, and normal clothing, but the real fantasy wear is lost on me.
    16. Oh he is handsome. <3 I like his calm look, and the spikes, though they look slighty painful, lol.
      Souldoll has being getting better for me lately, I didn't always like all they had. :)
    17. Oh wow... I love Souldoll's new clothing. A few years ago, it seemed like every Souldoll outfit consisted of sparkles, faux leather, and out-of-scale frills. Now their costumes are so awesome in such improbable ways, and are always among my favorite bjd clothing designs. I don't know how they pulled off the spikes and stuff - it should look silly, but they did it so well it's actually great and reminds me of Tengen Toppa Guren Lagann and (bizarrely) Tokidoki Moofia. :D
    18. What an interesting guy. It says there were 20 made - I wonder what happened to them all in the end? Moderately sure I've never seen one posted on DoA...

      But...this doll is from two years ago...? :sweat I see the TTGL resemblance, though :> Clothes which sacrifice practicality for Rule of Cool? Do want!
    19. By a few years, I meant like... four years, or maybe five. Examples of Souldoll's early style:


      No offense to those who like this, but to me everything's way oversized and the design is over-busy. Souldoll has gotten much better lately.

      Edit: But I totally missed reading the OP date on this thread. o_0; I did think that this Osu's retro-anime-villain outfit was a reference to either TTGL or Casshern Sins, but it can't be since it was released earlier.