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Souldoll Double Phillipa and Queena

Jan 7, 2009

    1. Wow... they are beautiful! I'm really excited about the suntan resin option. *glee* But I wish they had non-faceupped pics, or ones with a more natural faceup to give a better idea of the overall sculpt.
    2. did you check out the price tag for tan resin? $180? eeek! about the face up, when i saw the pics at first, i thought they had put a WS head on a tan body, a bit strange but i like it somehow. i asked them about the face up, waiting for answer.
    3. Queena's so cool, she'd make a great girlfirend (or sister?) for Perriot Akando. Maybe she could be involved in his knife throwing act :)
    4. oh ya! that's a cool idea!
    5. Q-queena *,* She's so cool! I love that faceup, it's so snarky looking <3 I'd like a taller body though, I wonder if Souldoll's white skin matches any other company's? (Is this the first time they've released it?)
    6. I hadn't seen the price tag for tan yet, but it's not that surprising. Darker dyed resin seems to be more difficult to mix and has a higher rate of unusable "junk casts". But I still adore it... I love being able to have skin tone variety in my dolls. ;) And it's nice to see another company release a tan resin that isn't on a limited!
    7. thats what I was thinking too.
    8. I just saw the new Queena doll on Souldoll's website and she looks gorgeous. I am a "newbie" to Souldoll....can someone tell me how pale the white skin is compared to the normal skin? Also, there is an outfit that is sold out (FC-1)...do you think that the doll in that outfit could be the Queena doll with "normal" makeup?
    9. I really like Queena. I hope they add more pictures.
    10. I'd rather just have a tan Irene. Has anyone asked if they're going to offer any other dolls in tan?
    11. oh my godddddddddd
    12. Very much so looking forward to pictures of the new girls without a faceup. I had a hard time gauging what the head mold looked like. They look promising though!
    13. The face-up is on tan resin. Looks like they lightly airbrushed the head with white highlights. It is an interesting idea. I haven't seen anything quite like it.
    14. they're just wonderful. both.
      Queena is awesome. and finally girls are available in white and tanned skins... but i've already ordered my Star! have no money to afford another one from Souldoll :...(
    15. i imagine a sister more because souldoll sd girls are quite little^^it could be great like that:D

      you can see philippa in normal skin and light face up with their last(sold out) souldouble dress too
    16. I think the girl on FC1 dress is Philippa :?
    17. I really like both of them, although I'm not too fond of the pale faces on tan bodies. Fillipa looks kind of chiwoo-y to me.

      I can't believe the suntan skin is soo expensive.
    18. i think it too ;)
    19. I would actually like exactly the same thing and have opened a thread in the BJD - opiea asking for pics of Souldoll double girls heads on any 60 or taller bodies.

      Feel free to bump it and ask for white skin dolls if you like as I don't mind what skin tone people show pictures of. :)

      It is here - http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=266913

      (I don't know how to do that thing where you name a link "here" instead of having the link:...()