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SOULDOLL General edition 'LUNE''

Dec 24, 2004

    1. At last 'LUNE' come out by general edition!

      So exciting! Incredible!

      The picture is the best!
    2. Whoa, not bad. I don't usually like Soul Dolls but this one isn't bad. I think it's the noses and eyes that get to me, the noses are just too long in relation to the small eyes for me.
    3. Ah, he looks so sweet. I just wish I could afford him. ^^;
    4. I love his eyes and that outfit is 100% LOVE.
    5. Oh I'm so glad to see him for sale again! :D Do you know if they'll be releasing the others again too? *loves so many of the Soul Dolls... saves up those pennies! :daisy *
    6. Souldoll impress the hell out of me, they really do. I'm hoping Paris goes on general release because that boy is LOVE. But Lune... <3 He's so sweet!
    7. Does anyone know how the point system on the SoulDoll website works? I've looked, but haven't been able to find it anywhere on there. I know that "Lune" is worth 5.4 points, but I don't know what THOSE are worth, or how to use them.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Also.... **drools at Lune's body** Finally...I can see what the new body will look like in normal skin tone...now, to wait and see Paris....

      **happy dance**
    8. so does anyone know how they pose? and also any word if Paris will be released normal edition too...?
    9. I'm not sure about the posing (especially since they've got new bodies), but I know Lune is set for a general release eventually. I hope soon! I'd love tos ee more pictures of him... Lune is gorgeous too though... oh man, too pretty!!
    10. Yes, Paris is going to be released as a general edition soon. How soon, we don't know. He'll be standard skin tone, and will be $540, just like Lune.
    11. very nice news!