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Souldoll info: Shipping delays

Oct 30, 2006

    1. Hi all, I got a little anxious waiting on my Souldoll order, so I checked their message board. As I had already presumed, they're just swamped because of the huge response to the 1+1 event.

      So, all of you who are waiting with me, have patience. ;)

      (Mods: if this has already been posted, feel free to move or delete)

      From Souldoll:

      Title Inform about delayed delivery.


      Thank to many persons who is interested in 1+1 event.
      A lot of orders accepted from a lot of loves of customer.
      So, we ask understanding as can be delayed some better than 3 weeks(except weekend) that is basis preparatory period.

      We will try our best so that is not delayed too much.
      If you have question about ordered doll, please write Q&A board or send e-mail us.
      Thank you so much!