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Souldoll Lee Jun Ki general edition

May 16, 2008

    1. I just found this notice on the Souldoll site. It's already from a week ago, but I couldn't find it in the news here, so I hope it's okay to post:

      Lee Jun Ki doll 2nd order(COMMING SOON!)


      First, thank you for your support.
      We are going to receive 2nd order of Lee Jun Ki doll from 15.May.

      Also, we have plan to sell the doll by general edition with A.B.C type as before.
      Skin color& price of general edition is same with other Soul-Double boys.

      We hope your interest continually.
      Thank you.

      And I checked, he's up for order in all three versions for the normal price!! :celebrateJust what I'd been hoping for right from the start!

      Lee Jun Ki at Souldoll
    2. Is he still a limited edition doll though?
    3. Yeah, it says on the page that this is the final order period 2008.5.15 ~ 2008.8.28.